Features of Templates

    Mandatory and Non-Mandatory Headings

    The headings in red are mandatory and are required. Included headings in black are those headings that are most generally used but may not be all-inclusive. It may be necessary to include other headings for specialized subjects. If an included section is not needed it may be easily deleted.

    Special Functions/ASTM Toolbar

    There are several function "buttons" included with the templates to standardize layout and facilitate the quick movement of the standard through the balloting and editing processes. Most are self-explanatory. These buttons can be found on the ASTM Toolbar in your template. If for some reason the ASTM Toolbar is not appearing, go to your main toolbar and select View, Toolbars, ASTM Toolbar and it will appear. The below picture shows what the ASTM Toolbar looks like. The following list describes the toolbar buttons specially created for ASTM.

    Update: This button initiates an “ASTM Standard Properties” pop-up window that prompts you for the Draft Title, Main Committee Jurisdiction, and Subcommittee Jurisdiction. After you complete this step, the information you entered will automatically appear in the Title and Footnote 1 of the draft. The information in this pop-up window may be updated at any time by clicking the Update Button.

    Create Table: This button will create a table in ASTM's style, based on your specifications, and insert it at the end of the draft. If table data has already been completed in another file, the table may be manually inserted or pasted at the end of the draft without using this button.

    Insert In-Text Table: This button will create an in-text table, in ASTM's style, based on your specifications, and insert it directly after the text that introduces it.

    Insert Figure: This button will insert electronic figures at the end of the draft from your computer. Figures should follow Tables, and should be inserted after all tables have been created, when possible.

    Auto Numbering: All of the sections are automatically numbered. Pressing the enter key will start a new, consecutively numbered paragraph within a section. The tab key will start a subsection of that. If you have created a subsection in error, press and hold the shift key and press the tab button once until the desired number is reached.

    **Please note: There shall be no further subdivision beyond that allowed by the four-part number.

    Saving Your Draft Document

    Use the "Save As" button to save the draft as an MS Word document (.doc file). This will leave the Template file as is and undisturbed for future use. Once you have saved your template correctly, all of the template’s features will continue to work each time you open it, as long as your macros are enabled.

    Contact Information

    Template Questions

    Any questions or comments regarding the use or improvement of these templates should be directed to:
    Emilie A. Whealen, Editor, ASTM International, ewhealen@astm.org, (610) 832-9663

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