US TAG to ISO/TC 215 on 
Health Informatics

TAG Administrator: Todd Sandler (610) 832-9731

TAG Overview:
Worldwide expansion of healthcare markets requires health informatics standards for efficient exchange of health information. ISO TC 215 has been established to develop international health informatics standards. Consensus on these standards will influence health informatics standards adopted in the US and the interoperability of national and international health information exchange. Efficient exchange of healthcare information and the interoperability of health information systems are important for viability in this expanding market.

As healthcare extends beyond national boundaries, the impact of standards becomes more critical. While national health information standards have led the way to systems interoperability within the US, we must remain cognizant of the importance of growth and harmonization with international standards. The international standards process has an impact on the healthcare standardization process within the US and on individual businesses.

The US TAG develops the national position which is submitted to the TC. Membership in the TAG provides U.S. citizens with the following benefits:

  • input into the development of the U.S. position on issues under consideration by the TC,

  • opportunity to influence the work program and strategic initiatives within the TC,

  • ability to affect the international standards that influence your business,

  • notification of and attendance at U.S. TAG meetings,

  • access to all TAG and TC documents, including minutes, meeting notices and ballots,

  • opportunity to serve as a national delegate to and U.S. expert at the TC meetings.

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