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    ASTM Manager, International Coordination - Todd Sandler


    A Technical Advisory Group (US TAG) is a committee accredited by ANSI for participation in ISO/IEC technical activities, which operate in compliance with the ANSI Criteria for the Development and Coordination of U.S. Positions in the International Standardization Activities of the ISO and IEC. ASTM International functions as TAG Administrator for 55 US TAGs, most of which are housed within the ASTM International technical committees. This page provides links to information and resources that will be helpful to TAG officers and members in their ISO/IEC work.

    ANSI/ISO/IEC Policy Documents

    Electronic Tools for Document Development and Voting

    • ISO Template (MANDATORY for document development and formatting)
      Users will be prompted for a username/password but may enter by clicking on the link Proceed to Public Areas for access.
    • ISO Comments Template (MANDATORY when comments accompany a US TAG position)

    Guidelines for Submitting US TAG Positions

    • The TAG Chair and Administrator are responsible for ensuring the submission of US positions in accord with ANSI Procedures for US Participation in the International Activities of ISO/IEC
    • A 2/3 consensus of the TAG members voting via letter ballot or at a meeting (provided a majority of the membership is present at the meeting) is required for US positions on a committee draft (CD), draft international standard (DIS), final draft international standard (FDIS) or new work item proposal (NWIP) ballot.
    • The US TAG position is forwarded to ANSI ( with a copy to the ASTM International staff Manager.


      • The US vote
      • Comments if applicable (using the Comment Template)
      • Voting tally (to document 2/3 approval was achieved)


    Training Information

    Links to Related Websites