Subcommittee E54.01 on CBRNE Sensors and Detectors

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    E2458-17 Standard Practices for Bulk Sample Collection and Swab Sample Collection of Visible Powders Suspected of Being Biological Agents and Toxins from Nonporous Surfaces

    E2520-15 Standard Practice for Measuring and Scoring Performance of Trace Explosive Chemical Detectors

    E2677-14 Standard Test Method for Determining Limits of Detection in Explosive Trace Detectors

        See also WK67906 proposed revision

    E2770-17 Standard Guide for Operational Guidelines for Initial Response to Suspected Biological Agents and Toxins

    E2800-11(2017) Standard Practice for Characterization of Bacillus Spore Suspensions for Reference Materials

    E2805-18 Standard Practice for Measurement of the Biological Activity of Ricin

        See also WK64321 proposed revision

    E2851/E2851M-13 Standard Specification for Ruggedness Requirements for HAZMAT Instrumentation

    E2852-13 Standard Guide for Acquisition, Maintenance, Storage, and Use of Hazardous Material Detection Instrumentation

    E2885-13 Standard Specification for Handheld Point Chemical Vapor Detectors (HPCVD) for Homeland Security Applications

    E2933-13 Standard Specification for Stationary Point Chemical Vapor Detectors (SPCVD) for Homeland Security Applications

    E3095-17 Standard Guide for Surrogate Materials for Field Evaluation of Nucleic Acid-Based On-Site Biological Assessment Technologies

    E3131-17 Standard Specification for Nucleic Acid-Based Systems for Bacterial Pathogen Screening of Suspicious Visible Powders

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    WK66045 Field Detection Equipment and Assays Used for Fentanyl and Fentanyl-Related Compounds

    WK46944 New Guide for Guide for Standards-Based Testing of Radiation-Detection Systems

    WK53605 Characterization of Systems and Instruments with Binary Responses

    WK61465 Collection of Particulate by Wipe Sampling for Determination of Wipe Collection Efficiency

    WK61620 Use of Whole Cell Surrogate Materials in Emergency Response Training Scenarios Involving Nucleic Acid-Based Biological Assessment Technologies

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