Subcommittee E31.25 on Healthcare Data Management, Security, Confidentiality, and Privacy

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    AIIMASTM-BP-01-08 Portable Document Format-Healthcare (PDF) A Best Practices Guide

    E1239-04(2010) Standard Practice for Description of Reservation/Registration-Admission, Discharge, Transfer (R-ADT) Systems for Electronic Health Record (EHR) Systems

        See also WK57251 proposed withdrawal

    E1340-05(2010) Standard Guide for Rapid Prototyping of Information Systems

        See also WK57252 proposed withdrawal

    E1384-07(2013) Standard Practice for Content and Structure of the Electronic Health Record (EHR)

        See also WK57150 proposed withdrawal

    E1633-08A(2013)e1 Standard Specification for Coded Values Used in the Electronic Health Record

        See also WK57151 proposed withdrawal

    E1714-07(2013) Standard Guide for Properties of a Universal Healthcare Identifier (UHID)

        See also WK57152 proposed withdrawal

    E1715-01(2013) Standard Practice for An Object-Oriented Model for Registration, Admitting, Discharge, and Transfer (RADT) Functions in Computer-Based Patient Record Systems

        See also WK57153 proposed withdrawal

    E1744-04(2010) Standard Practice for View of Emergency Medical Care in the Electronic Health Record

        See also WK57253 proposed withdrawal

    E1762-95(2013) Standard Guide for Electronic Authentication of Health Care Information

        See also WK57154 proposed withdrawal

    E1869-04(2014) Standard Guide for Confidentiality, Privacy, Access, and Data Security Principles for Health Information Including Electronic Health Records

        See also WK57254 proposed withdrawal

    E1985-98(2013) Standard Guide for User Authentication and Authorization

        See also WK57155 proposed withdrawal

        See also WK57156 proposed withdrawal

    E1986-09(2013) Standard Guide for Information Access Privileges to Health Information

        See also WK57282 proposed withdrawal

    E2017-99(2010) Standard Guide for Amendments to Health Information

        See also WK57255 proposed withdrawal

    E2145-07(2013) Standard Practice for Information Modeling

        See also WK57157 proposed withdrawal

    E2147-01(2013) Standard Specification for Audit and Disclosure Logs for Use in Health Information Systems

        See also WK57158 proposed withdrawal

    E2171-02(2013) Standard Practice for Rating-Scale Measures Relevant to the Electronic Health Record

        See also WK57159 proposed withdrawal

    E2212-02a(2010) Standard Practice for Healthcare Certificate Policy

        See also WK57256 proposed withdrawal

    E2369-12 Standard Specification for Continuity of Care Record (CCR)

    E2436-05(2010) Standard Specification for the Representation of Human Characteristics Data in Healthcare Information Systems

        See also WK57257 proposed withdrawal

    E2473-05(2011) Standard Practice for the Occupational/Environmental Health View of the Electronic Health Record

    E2538-06(2011) Standard Practice for Defining and Implementing Pharmacotherapy Information Services within the Electronic Health Record (EHR) Environment and Networked Architectures

    E2595-07(2013) Standard Guide for Privilege Management Infrastructure

        See also WK57160 proposed withdrawal

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    E1987-98 Standard Guide for Individual Rights Regarding Health Information (Withdrawn 2007)

    E1988-98 Standard Guide for Training of Persons who have Access to Health Information (Withdrawn 2007)

    E2084-00 Standard Specification for Authentication of Healthcare Information Using Digital Signatures (Withdrawn 2009)

    E2085-00a Standard Guide on Security Framework for Healthcare Information (Withdrawn 2009)

    E2086-00 Standard Guide for Internet and Intranet Healthcare Security (Withdrawn 2009)

    E2182-02 Standard Specification for Clinical XML DTDs in Healthcare (Withdrawn 2011)

    E2183-02 Standard Guide for XML DTD Design, Architecture and Implementation (Withdrawn 2011)

    E2211-02(2010) Standard Specification for Relationship Between a Person (Consumer) and a Supplier of an Electronic Personal (Consumer) Health Record (Withdrawn 2014)