E60 on Sustainability

    A Sustainable Future, Driven by ASTM International Standards

    Sustainability is one of the most pervasive and defining issues of our time. It has been the focus of countless public and private sector programs, as well as extensive global media coverage. Yet in spite of this heightened worldwide interest, sustainability has not achieved widespread implementation across mainstream markets.

    Breaking Down the Barriers to Sustainable Development

    As sustainability-related challenges continue to rise in importance, diverse stakeholders recognize that mainstream adoption of sustainable development practices relies on the creation of consensus industry standards. This sense of urgency has brought technical and industry leaders together under the ASTM umbrella to cooperate in a precedent–setting standards writing activity on sustainability.

    ASTM Committee E60: Fulfilling the Needs of the Marketplace

    Newly formed ASTM Committee E60 on Sustainability aims to make the goals of sustainable development a reality throughout the marketplace. Committee E60 will rely on the collaborative efforts of technical experts from industry, government, trade associations, and academia. Leveraging the open and accessible ASTM process and the Society’s world-class standards development infrastructure, these stakeholders will create sustainability standards for global markets, including building and construction, hospitality, and many others.

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    Get Involved

    Join your peers on ASTM Committee E60 and help create the standards that will shape the future of global sustainability. For further information, please contact Steve Mawn, Staff Manager at +1-610-832-9726. You can also visit the E60 homepage.