E57 on 3D Imaging Systems

    Share Your Vision for the Future of 3D Imaging Systems

    Whether capturing three-dimensional data used in building or bridge construction; assisting in health and medical care; or increasing transportation safety with real-time navigation information, 3D imaging systems are powerful tools used across a wide range of industries. 3D imaging systems such as laser scanners, 3D optical scanners, 3D range cameras, and 3D flash laser radars (LADARs), are now poised for growth in numerous applications, including medical imaging, animation, forensics, industrial metrology, and many others.

    3D Imaging Systems Growth, Driven by ASTM International Standards

    As 3D imaging products continue to gain market acceptance, newly-developed consensus standards will drive the next evolution of these powerful systems. Standards will play a critical role in future industry growth by providing a basis for fair comparison of 3D imaging systems; facilitating consistent and clear terminology, and increasing user confidence that systems will perform as intended.

    ASTM Committee E57: Meeting Industry's Call for a Comprehensive Standards Program

    Now, for the first time, a consensus standards initiative for 3D imaging systems has been launched under the ASTM International umbrella. In conjunction with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), stakeholders from the 3D imaging systems sector selected ASTM International as the standards development organization best suited for the development of new industry standards. With a proven consensus process and state-of-the-art standards development infrastructure, ASTM International was best positioned to meet the 3D imaging industry's need for comprehensive standards.

    ASTM Committee E57 brings together technical experts with an interest and stake in the future of 3D imaging technology including manufacturers, federal agencies, design professionals, professional societies, trade associations, and academia.

    Get Involved

    For more information about joining ASTM Committee E57, please contact Pat A. Picariello, Director of Developmental Operations at +1-610-832-9720 or e-mail at ppicarie@astm.org, or visit the E57 homepage at www.astm.org/COMMIT/COMMITTEE/E57.htm for more information on the next open committee meeting.