E07 on Nondestructive Testing

    DICONDE Information

    DICONDE Overview (PDF File)

    DICONDE Articles

    If a Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words, then Pervasive, Ubiquitous Imaging Is Priceless (ASTM Standardization News, October 2003)

    Successful Standardization (NDT Magazine, February 2009)

    A Standard Practice for Digital NDT Data Exchange and Storage (Materials Evaluation, March 2010)

    Back to a Digital Future (ASTM Standardization News, July/August 2011)


    Overview (PDF File)

    Validation Tool (PDF File)

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    Example DICONDE Images (Zip File)

    DVTK Validator DICONDE Definition Files (Zip File)

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    DICOM Standard

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    David Clunie’s Medical Image Format Site

    DICOM Validation Toolkit (DVTK)