ASTM International Board of Directors


    Dalia Yarom is the director of the Standardization Division at the Standards Institution of Israel (SII) (Tel Aviv, Israel). SII is a non-governmental organization and the country’s official body for preparing and publishing Israeli standards. SII also focuses on product quality and provides testing, certification, and training.

    In her previous role, Yarom was the head of the SII Chemistry, Health, and Environment Laboratory, which tests various consumer products according to national and international standards. She managed the laboratory from 2010 to 2017. Yarom’s experience in standardization stretches further: she has 29 years of experience in different related positions.

    As part of her work, Yarom represents SII in several international organizations as well as in various committees of the Israeli Parliament. She is also chair of the International Convention on the Control and Marking of Articles of Precious Metals, a treaty that facilitates cross-border trade.

    Yarom has a bachelor’s degree from Shenkar College of Engineering, a master’s degree in chemistry from Hebrew University, and a master’s degree of business administration from Technion Israel Institute of Technology.