ASTM International Board of Directors


    is senior PPE engineer at ArcWear (Louisville, Kentucky), which offers arc, flame, and thermal testing and certification. In his position, he has client and project management responsibilities, oversees the firm’s quality system, and works on the firm’s flash-fire testing capabilities.

    Shiels, who joined ASTM International in 2008, currently serves as chair of the Committee on Standards. He is also vice chair of the committee on personal protective clothing and equipment (F23) and chair of its flame and thermal subcommittee (F23.80). In addition, Shiels is vice chair, product manufacturing practices, of the committee on textiles (D13) and a member of the committees on homeland security applications (E54) and electrical protective equipment for workers (F18). For his ASTM contributions, he has received Awards of Appreciation, Service Awards, and an Award of Excellence.

    Before assuming his current role at ArcWear in 2019, Shiels was director of quality assurance (2018-2019) and senior development engineer and group leader (2008-2018) at PBI Performance Products. He holds a number of U.S. patents and has edited two volumes of ASTM International’s Selected Technical Papers.

    Shiels holds a master’s degree in textile chemistry from North Carolina State University and a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of South Carolina. In addition to ASTM International, he is a member of the National Fire Protection Association and the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists.