ASTM International Board of Directors


    Christopher R. Reid, Ph.D., is an associate technical fellow in human factors and ergonomics in Boeing’s Environment, Health, and Safety organization (North Charleston, South Carolina). This organization in the aerospace corporation focuses on corporate strategy in health, safety, and environmental areas, including standards.

    A member of the ASTM Exo Technology Center of Excellence (ET CoE) Research and Development board, Reid has been an ASTM International member since 2017. He is chair of the subcommittee on human factors and ergonomics (F48.02) in the committee on exoskeletons and exosuits (F48) and a member of several other F48 subcommittees. Reid is also a member of the committee on additive manufacturing technologies (F42).

    In addition to his current position, Reid is also project manager for Boeing’s exoskeleton technology assessment and integration. In 2018, he was a visiting scholar in integrated systems engineering at The Ohio State University to work on behalf of Boeing and ASTM ET CoE partners on exoskeleton technology feasibility.

    President-elect of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society and delegate member adviser to the National Safety Council Board of Directors, Reid is also a member of other professional and honorary societies. He has received several awards, including Black Engineer of the Year for 2020 in Outstanding Technical Contributions in Industry and the Rising Star Award from the National Safety Council in 2018. Reid earned his doctoral and master’s degrees in industrial engineering and his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering technology from the University of Central Florida.