ASTM International Board of Directors

    past chairman of board

    Tom Marsh is Global Head, Technical Services of Corrie MacColl International (CMCI) with operations in the USA, Europe, West Africa and Southeast Asia. CMCI Group companies include Centrotrade, Alan L Grant, Wurfbain, Momentum Technologies International, Momentum Laboratories and Kelvin Terminals. The Group serves as a producer, distributor, and technical services provider for the rubber and latex industry for parent company Halcyon Agri Corp. Ltd.

    An ASTM member since 1990, Marsh serves as chairman of the Committee on Rubber and Rubber-like Materials (D11), and he is a member of the committees on Sports Equipment, Playing Surfaces, and Facilities(F08) and Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment(F23). He also served a term on the ASTM Committee on Technical Committee Operations from 2007 to 2009. D11 honored him with a Distinguished Service Award for his contributions.

    Marsh served as President / CEO of Centrotrade Minerals & Metals, Inc. for 22 years before moving into his new role with the corporate entity in 2018. In his current position, Marsh directs a global team of experts who provide oversight to the Group for technical, regulatory, certification, sustainability and standards organization activities.

    Marsh holds a general sciences degree from The Ohio State University and a bachelor's degree in business management from Liberty University