ASTM International Board of Directors


    Gregory J. Bowles is vice president for global innovation and policy at the General Aviation Manufacturers Association, Washington, D.C., a group that fosters the interests of business and general aviation manufacturers globally. In his position, Bowles works with legislators and regulators to enable emerging aviation technologies. He also works to shape and harmonize aviation policy and regulations around the world to facilitate the success and growth of aviation.

    An ASTM International member since 2007, Bowles is chairman of the committee on general aviation aircraft (F44), which has five technical subcommittees that oversee more than 30 standards. The committee addresses issues related to design and construction, systems and performance, quality acceptance, and safety monitoring. In addition, he works on the committees on light sport aircraft (F37), aircraft systems (F39), and aerospace personnel (F46).
    Bowles has been with GAMA since 2005. He previously was GAMA’s director of European Affairs and Engineering Brussels, Belgium. His career also includes design certification and engineering at Keystone Helicopter (now part of Sikorsky) and at the Cessna Aircraft Co. (now part of Textron Aviation).

    Bowles earned a bachelor of science degree in aerospace engineering from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and an MBA from Webster University. He is also an elected fellow with the Royal Aeronautical Society.