Board of Directors

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    The direction of the affairs of the Society shall be vested in, and be the responsibility of, a Board of Directors consisting of 25 persons; a Chairman of the Board, two Vice Chairmen, 18 Directors, the last two living Past Chairmen, the Chairman of the Finance and Audit Committee, and the President (ex-officio without vote).

    Thomas A. Schwartz 2014 Chairman of the Board
    Ronald J. Ebelhar 2014 Vice Chairman of the Board
    Ralph M. Paroli 2014-2015 Vice Chairman of the Board
    D. Thomas Marsh 2014Chairman of the Finance and Audit Committee
    Dale F. Bohn Director 2012-2014
    Kaphong Choi Director 2012-2014
    Amy A. Costello Director 2012-2014
    Steven M. Cramer Director 2012-2014
    Donald L. Mays Director 2012-2014
    Charles B. Sidebottom Director 2012-2014
    Scott A. Colburn Director 2013-2015
    Jeffrey S. Goldfinger Director 2013-2015
    Robin E. Graves Director 2013-2015
    Daniel S. Janikowski Director 2013-2015
    Richard A. Peri Director 2013-2015
    Taco van der Maten Director 2013-2015
    Franceen Gonzales Director 2014-2016
    Andrew G. Kireta Jr. Director 2014-2016
    Claudia V. Kropas-Hughes Director 2014-2016
    Nabil bin Ameen Molla Director 2014-2016
    Bertrand Morel Director 2014-2016
    Steve D. Sandstrum Director 2014-2016
    Kenneth F. Yarosh Past Chairman 2014-2015
    Catherine H. Pilarz Past Chairman 2013-2014
    James A. Thomas President