Personnel Certificate Programs

    Personnel CERTIFICATE Programs
    The ASTM Personnel Certificate Program is sponsored and administered by ASTM International. A Participant receiving a certificate through the program has participated in a learning event or series of events designed to educate or train individuals to achieve specified learning outcomes within a defined scope. The Participant shall be verified to have successfully completed all program requisites including, but not limited to, a test to evaluate learner attainment. Certificates have a specified period of validity.

    Note: Certificate programs differ from certification programs in that certificate programs do not have continuing education, surveillance, or recertification aspects.

    Benefits of an ASTM Personnel Certificate
    The ASTM Personnel Certificate Program is beneficial to stakeholders because it:

    • provides consumers a basis for evaluating service providers
    • helps employers judge the skills of existing or potential employees
    • allows certificate holder to differentiate themselves from others in their profession or advance their careers
    • fosters increased recognition of a profession
    • may assist regulatory agendas
    • includes listing in the ASTM Directory of Certificate Holders

    Personnel Certificate Documents

    The ASTM Personnel Certificate Program is governed by the General Operations Manual for ASTM Personnel Certificate Programs

    Initiation of a Program
    Requests can come from ASTM technical committees or directly from industry usually trade or professional associations, manufacturers, purchasers, or government.

    ASTM, with input from the appropriate ASTM technical committee and key stakeholders, will determine whether there is sufficient interest from industry to initiate a new program.

    If you feel your industry would benefit from and support the establishment of a certificate program, please complete the request form

    ASTM Contact: David von Glahn
    phone: (610) 832-9591