FAQs about ASTM's Environmental Product Declaration Programs

    LCA Review and EPD Verification Services

    What is the process to have ASTM verify an EPD?

    ASTM has a number of EPD verifiers on contract retainer and would work with them to establish a project timeline. ASTM offers the use of an EPD template and would facilitate verification of the resultant EPD.

    Does ASTM only verify EPDs from their own PCR?

    No, we can review LCA and verify EPD from any acceptable PCR.

    Who 'owns' the LCA report and/or the EPD once complete?

    The manufacturer, company or organization that commissions the LCA and develops the EPD maintains sole ownership of both the LCA and EPD.

    How much will it cost for an organization to have ASTM verify an EPD or review an LCA report developed from a PCR?

    ASTM pricing works on a sliding scale for EPD verification and LCA critical reviews. Please contact CERT@astm.org for specific quotes.

    How long would it take for ASTM to verify an EPD that was submitted?

    This is dependent on the availability of our contractors and review cycles but most have taken at least two weeks for an initial review cycle and then a subsequent cycle for finalization. Three to four weeks total is typical.