Certification and Declaration Programs FAQ

    What certification services does ASTM offer?
    ASTM offers certification programs for products (including materials, products, systems and services) and personnel through our affiliate, the Safety Equipment Institute.

    Does ASTM provide testing services?
    ASTM does not have any testing facilities to accommodate requests for one-off testing of products. An organization which desires to have their product tested for conformance to an ASTM standard could do the required testing in their own laboratory or contract the services of an independent third party laboratory. The Lab Directory on the ASTM website may be helpful. Note: ASTM has not attempted to investigate, rate, endorse, approve or certify any laboratory listed in the directory. Each laboratory has paid ASTM a fee for their listing.

    Can an organization indicate that their product conforms to an ASTM standard?
    The Society, in general, does not object if an organization does their own testing/verification and represents that their product meets an ASTM standard by referencing the specific designation (e.g. complies or meets ASTM A XXX-YY) (and, where possible, the title of the relevant standard). In these instances, Society logos shall not appear in connection with such representations. The Society does not approve, certify or test products to ASTM standards unless there is a specific ASTM certification program through the Safety Equipment Institute.

    Does ASTM accredit laboratories?
    No, ASTM does not accredit laboratories.