CHETAH 11.0

    The ASTM Computer Program for Chemical Thermodynamic and Energy Release Evaluation CHETAH®, Version 11.0

    Now includes NASA Lewis Chemical Equilibrium!

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    Developer: B. Keith Harrison
    Published: 2020

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    The CHETAH (Chemical Thermodynamic and Energy Release) program is a unique tool for predicting both thermochemical properties and certain reactive chemicals hazards associated with pure chemical, a mixture of chemicals, or a chemical reaction. This is accomplished through knowledge of only the molecular structure(s) of the components involved by an implementation of Benson's method of group additivity. CHETAH is useful for classifying materials for their ability to decompose with violence, for estimating heats of reaction or combustion, for prediction of chemical equilibrium, and for predicting lower flammable limits.

    For a quick overview of the CHETAH 11 program select the overview video:

    Please check out the New Features webpage tab for a listing of the changes and additions made to CHETAH in comparison to the previous version CHETAH 10.

    For an introduction to the types of calculations that CHETAH can accomplish, select the videos below:

    1. Introductory: A Short Overview Showing a Heat of Reaction Demo
    2. Energy Release Evaluation (ERE) Explosibility Potential of a Chemical Species or Mixture
    3. Flammability Calculations
    4. Chemical Equilibria Analysis using the NASA-Lewis Code

    White Paper: Ring Strain and Steric Interactions in CHETAH 11.0

    The ASTM Computer Program for Chemical Thermodynamic and Energy Release Evaluation; Version 11.0, (Build Date: 2020-03-01)

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