Transport Fuels Technology: Mobility for the Millennium

    Eric M. Goodger
    Published: 2001

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    Transport is fundamental for today's lifestyles. Speed and reliability demand powered propulsion, which is why suitable fuels are so vital. This volume contains preliminary reviews of the basic sciences, followed by in-depth discussions of the sources, processing, properties, handling, combustion performance, and emissions of both conventional and alternative fuel types. It concludes with a reasoned assessment of transport prospects for the future.

    8 Chapters Cover:

    Hydrocarbon Chemistry--outlines the configurations of the various groups of hydrocarbon molecules, illustrating the structural bonding involved and demonstrating the influence of these factors on fuel properties and reactions.

    Engineering Thermodynamics--details the construction of cyclic processes that can be followed by gases in order to accept heat and then convert a substantial proportion of it to mechanical work.

    Combustion Principles--examines the principles underpinning combustion processes and the concept of flammability.

    Conventional Fuels--discusses conventional fuels such as gasoline for spark-ignition piston engines; kerosine for gas turbine engines in large aircraft; gas oil for high-speed compression ignition piston engines; diesel fuel and residual fuel for low-speed compression-ignition engines in ships and for the generation of electrical power; and coal in regard to its use in power stations and its potential for conversion to liquids.

    Combustion Performance--draws together the main features of the first three basic chapters by illustrating the combustion performance of fuels burnt in heat engines.

    Alternative Fuels--examines the remaining lifetimes of the major hydrocarbon sources, such as petroleum, natural gas and coal. It also outlines the manufacture, properties, and performance of various alternative fuels.

    Overview of Conventional Fuels--provides a review of the conventional fuels used in various sectors of light vehicle transport, motor racing, aerospace, fleet operation and rail transport, and the marine world.

    Global Issues Affecting Transport--presents methods of energy prediction that reflect the dynamics of global supply and the influence of new technologies.

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