Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing Systems - Special Issue on Cyber-Physical Systems and Smart Manufacturing

    Horacio Ahuett Garza, Pedro D. Urbina-Coronado
    Published: 2019

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    Learn more about the scientific fields and technologies that have an impact on the development and deployment of cyber-physical systems (CPSs) in this special issue. The 13 peer-reviewed articles provide a framework for the application of concepts like digital twins, digital threads, product life cycle, and big data.

    The authors explore how implementation of CPSs could shape the future of smart manufacturing and the industrial internet of things, covering topics like:

    – Numerical control machines – incorporating of the internet of things/digital platforms and monitoring on shop floors
    – Use of machine learning and deep learning to make data analysis
    – Smart scheduling
    – Supply and demand prediction
    – Agile manufacturing
    – Blockchain and smart navigation for automated guided vehicles (AGV)
    – Additive manufacturing and cold metal transfer

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