Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing Systems Special Issue on Smart Manufacturing in Energy Intense Process Industries

    Tom Edgar, Yinlun Huang
    Published: 2018

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    You’ll get eight peer-reviewed papers in this first special issue of Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing Systems. State-of-the-art research in the key areas of smart manufacturing in the energy intensive process industries is presented, with topics that include:

    – Natural gas-based hydrogen production utilizing hybrid energy resources
    – Dynamic modeling and explicit control of a PEM water electrolysis process
    – Stochastic programming approach versus estimator-based approach for sensor network design
    – Data-based nonlinear model identification in economic model predictive control
    – Proactive automation of a batch manufacturer in a smart grid environment
    – Reliability of C-H-O symbiosis networks under source streams uncertainty
    – Data-driven modeling and analysis of energy efficiency of geographically distributed manufacturing
    – Manufacturing (IoTfM) enterprise software architecture

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