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    More Data, More Speed, Same Price
    A powerful, online database, ASTM International's Passport to Steel enables you to:
    • Find over 1,700 GB steels along with their international comparable steels (ASTM, AFNOR, API, ASME, BSI, CSA, DIN, EN, GB, ISO, JIS, and SAE)
    • Search for the latest steel data of more than 80,000 steels, including over 15,000 coated steels.
    • Find comparable steel standards from standards development organizations (SDOs) around the world
    • Access an information rich Reference Center.

    Six New Features:
    • Simple/Advance Search Modes—Use Simple Search Mode to quickly find steels using the basic set of search fields or use Advanced Search Mode to access the full power, which now includes searching for chemical compositions and mechanical properties that can be searched together.
    • Show Specifications List—Generate a list of steel specifications from your search results with the click of a button
    • Show/Hide Tables—Show or hide the chemical composition, mechanical properties, and heat treatment data tables
    • Expanded heat treatment tables
    • Expanded impact testing data
    • Save your searches

    Faster Than Ever
    You'll find the steels data you need in only a few seconds with 10 robust search options, including 26 product forms and 9 alloy groups. Search tips and other helpful hints are just a click away in this convenient and easy-to-use resource.

    Timely, Reliable, and Thorough
    The timeliness and reliability of the data in Passport to Steel make it second-to-none thanks to a team of engineers and technical experts continually studying changes to the standards and revising and expanding the database. The status of standards — current, withdrawn, or withdrawn and replaced by — is reflected and suggestions from users are incorporated. Your annual subscription includes updates to the latest data — no CDs or software to update throughout the year.

    Comprehensive Source of Global Standards
    The database includes steel data from 11 SDOs including: ASTM, ASME, AFNOR, API, SAE, DIN, BSI, CEN, CSA, JIS, and ISO. You can easily search by:

    Standard Organization
    • SDOs can be searched individually or as user-defined grouping

    • Search by keywords and phrases

    • Search for standards by number or alpha numeric designation

    • Search by steel grade, class, type, symbol, name or any combination of these

    Steel Number
    • Search by steel number to quickly find specific steels

    UNS Number
    • Search by UNS number to quickly find specific steels

    ICS Number

    Product Form
    • 26 selections

    Alloy Group
    • 9 selections

    Chemical Compositions
    • Search 36 elements using nominal values, minimums, maximums, a range of values or use wildcards for single or multiple characters can be used to increase your searching power
    • Include carbon equivalence requirement as part of your search with the formula displayed in search results

    Mechanical Properties
    • Tensile strength
    • Yield strength
    • % Elongation
    • % Reduction in Area
    • Hardness
    • Impact Strength
    • Search by Absorbed Energy at Temperature (average and single test data, full and sub-size specimen data, and test orientation); data results also include Lateral Expansion at Temperature (average and single test data, full and sub-size specimen data, and test orientation) where specified

    Finding Comparable Steels from Around the World Made Easy
    Using the built-in "Search for Comparable Steels" option, based on written rules for comparison, finding similar steels from other countries is made quick and easy. Or you can customize your own search to find all matching steels with any other searching parameters you choose. It's your choice, either way this powerful search engine will help you find what you are looking for in just a few seconds.

    Passport to Steel also includes the most current chemical composition and mechanical properties of:
    • Steels for General Use
    • Structural Steel Plates and Shapes
    • Pressure Vessel Steel Plates
    • Steel Pipes and Tubes (Seamless and Welded)
    • Steel Forgings
    • Steel Castings
    • Wrought Stainless Steels
    • Spring Steels
    • Free-Cutting Steels
    • Bearing Steels
    • Tool Steels
    • And more!

    Access to Your Own Research Team
    Can't find the data in Passport to Steel? We'll find it for you! There are two powerful new options in Passport to Steel that enable users to: contribute to the databse by using the "Request Data" link or get assistance finding information by using the "Technical Assistance" link. In both cases, we do the necessary research to find your data. We'll even find new standards that replace old outdated standards.

    Easy to Use Results Page
    Sort and select data for faster viewing with the easy-to-understand results page that displays:
    • New color-coding simplified viewing comparisons
    • Up to 6 information-packed tables
    • Specification with year date
    • Designation: grade, class, type, symbol or steel name
    • UNS number or steel number
    • Product form and application
    • The full specification title
    • Complete chemical composition
    • Complete mechanical properties
    • All special notes relating to the data.

    The search results can be easily sorted, printed or copied and pasted into your favorite program, such as Microsoft Excel®, to save an electronic copy of the data.

    Reference Center
    Use this technical Reference Center as an online library that's filled with state-of-the-art information, including:
    • Terminology standards documents
    • Technical articles from leading engineering journals
    • Chapters from some of the most popular engineering books
    • Lists of current and withdrawn steel standards of ASTM, JIS, ISO and all EN standards that have replaced former national standards from DIN, BSI, and AFNOR.
    • Glossary of metals terminology in four languages (English, French, Spanish, German)
    • Hardness conversion engine
    • Interactive periodic table of the elements

    User-Friendly for the Novice and Expert!
    Extensive tips, hints and FAQs provide valuable guidance with lots of practical examples. Just a few include:
    • Request New Data (dedicated form for users to request addition of new data)
    • Regularly updated list of FAQs to help users find quick answers to common questions
    • Online Help Manual with examples explains the use of Passport to Steel's features
    • Email Technical Support (dedicated form for users to send technical support requests directly to our support team)
    • Many helpful hints, tips, and examples
    • Animated example searches allow users to "see" many Passport to Steel features in action
    • Saved data after session time-out (search criteria is saved when sessions time-out allowing users to quickly resume their searches)
    • Reporting Errors (dedicated form for users to report suspected data errors directly to technical support)

    Access Anytime, Anywhere
    Using your web browser, username and password you'll have global, around the clock access to one of the most robust, comprehensive and useful resources for steel data.

    For multi-user access (single-site) or multi-user access (multi-site), contact Sales or call 1-877-909-ASTM.

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