Materials Performance and Characterization Special Issue on Advances in Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics

    Andrew H. Rosenberger; Sabrina Vantadori; R. Craig McClung
    Published: 2015

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    Get 17 papers detailing the most recent advancements in fatigue and fracture. These papers were presented at the 13th International ASTM/ESIS Symposium on Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics held in Jacksonville, Florida in November of 2013.

    The first paper is based on the Jerry R. Swedlow Memorial Lecture by Sreeramesh Kalluri discussing the multiaxial and thermomechanical behavior of materials.

    In the aerospace and terrestrial transportation sectors, power generation and manufacturing industries, fatigue and fraction continues to be a very relevant concern. The prediction and prevention of component fracture and fatigue failure is critical to safe and economic operation of machines.

    With this Special Issue, you’ll access new and improved methods to predict and experimentally validate models in the fatigue and fracture.

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