MNL 44

    Guide to ASTM Test Methods for the Analysis of Petroleum Products and Lubricants: 2nd Edition

    Over 200 new test methods have been added to the second edition!

    R. A. Kishore Nadkarni
    Published: 2007

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    The essential elements of all standard analytical tests used to characterize petroleum products and lubricants are now available in one unique volume Brief descriptions of 576 tests described, include principles involved, test summary, advantages, limitations, and test precision data. Where available equivalent tests from IP, ISO, JIS, DIN, and AFNOR are also referenced.

    It is critical for testing laboratory personnel to be fully familiar with all the details of the tests they are performing. But it is also important for non-laboratory personnel to know at least the significance, advantages, limitations, and precision of particular tests used to characterize product quality. Only by understanding the pros and cons of these tests can both suppliers and customers reach sound conclusions and agree on the appropriate quality and performance of a product.

    The test methods covered involve a variety of analytical techniques to identify and/or quantify over 220 chemical and physical properties of crude oils, gasoline, reformulated gasoline, lubricating oils, additives, transmission fluids, lubricating greases, gear oils, aviation fuels, diesel and heating fuels, petroleum waxes, marine fuels, and other specialty petroleum products.  MNL44 

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