Lexicon for Sensory Evaluation: Aroma, Flavor, Texture and Appearance

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    Published: 2011

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    This resource updates and combines the terminology and data previously available as a CD-ROM on two separate ASTM databases: DS66: Aroma and Flavor Lexicon for Sensory Evaluation, and DS69: Lexicon for Sensory Attributes Relating to Texture and Appearance. It covers a large selection of finished products, ingredients, packaging, and chemicals used in the development, production, and storage of consumer products.

    – A detailed description of the process used for implementing a lexicon for a specific product category
    – Physical flavor, aroma, texture and appearance references
    – Product examples and the most frequently used terms to describe ingredients and products

    It is intended to assist descriptive analysis panels and panel leaders in developing and defining terms to describe perceived tactile and visual attributes of foods, personal care products, fabrics, household cleaners, and more.

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