Advances in Civil Engineering Materials - Special Issue on Concrete Using Seawater and Salt-Contaminated Aggregates

    Prannoy Suraneni
    Published: 2019

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    Get a fundamental understanding of the science of concrete-mixed seawater and other similar materials in this special issue.

    While very different from conventional Portland-cement concretes, concretes using seawater, salt-contaminated aggregates, and alternative cements such as calcium sulfoaluminate are a promising option in science and engineering. These concrete types may have significant value in locations like the Middle East, various coasts and islands, and in post-disaster reconstruction scenarios where fresh water is scarce.

    This book features nine peer-reviewed papers on cementitious materials made using seawater, brine, other impure waters, and salt-contaminated aggregates. Topics include:

    – hydration behavior
    – compressive strength
    – corrosion and shrinkage
    – diffusion modeling
    – life-cycle analysis
    – availability and transport of seawater
    – variability in seawater and effect on concrete properties
    – corrosion of mixing equipment
    – sulfate attack and alkali silica reactions

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