Advances in Civil Engineering Materials - Special Issue on Advances in Internal Curing of Cementitious Materials

    Ali Ghahremaninezhad
    Published: 2018

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    Learn more about how the internal curing technique can enhance the performance of cementitious materials in this special issue.

    You’ll get eight peer-reviewed papers that cover various topics related to internal curing, including:

    – Absorption and desorption of superabsorbent polymers
    – Interaction between superabsorbent hydrogels and blended mixtures
    – Synthesis and characterization of polymer-silica composite hydrogel particles and influence of hydrogel composition on cement paste microstructure
    – Pavement and bridge deck applications
    – Cementitious grouts for prefabricated bridge concrete elements connections
    – Effects of internal curing, SCMs, and expansive additives on concrete shrinkage
    – Cracking in rapid set repair media
    – Mitigation strategies for autogenous shrinkage

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