Special Issue on Ultra-High Performance Concrete

    Theresa M. Ahlborn, Lawrence L. Sutter
    Published: 2015

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    This special issue features research on a new type of concrete: ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC). With unique engineering properties including a compressive strength of 25,000 psi and flexural strength of 7,000 psi, UHPC has been demonstrated to have excellent durability properties as measured by freeze-thaw performance and permeability.

    However, there are two major hurdles to overcome before the widespread adoption of UHPC. First, design codes must be established and structured to take advantages of the materials’ unique properties. Second, existing test methods need to fully characterize this material and its performance. Both the American Concrete Institute and ASTM International are working overcome these hurdles.

    American Concrete Institute (ACI) has formed Committee 239 on Ultra-High Performance Concrete to work towards incorporation of UHPC into existing design guides and standards.

    ASTM sponsored a Symposium on Ultra-High Performance Concrete at its winter meeting in 2013. This volume of ACEM is collection of the resulting papers that identify needs for new or modified tests for this material.

    These papers are now available for the scientific community, published with the intent of furthering the conversation on how to facilitate adoption of UHPC in a timely manner.

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