ASTM Volume 01.08, January 2021

    Ships and Marine Technology (II): F1546 – latest

    Table of Contents

    F1546-96(2018) Standard Specification for Fire Hose Nozzles

    F1548-01(2018) Standard Specification for Performance of Fittings for Use with Gasketed Mechanical Couplings Used in Piping Applications

    F1565-00(2019) Standard Specification for Pressure-Reducing Valves for Steam Service

    F1567-94(2019) Standard Specification for Fabricated or Cast Automatic Self-Cleaning, Fuel Oil and Lubricating Oil Strainers

    F1669M-12(2018) Standard Specification for Insulation Monitors for Shipboard Electrical Systems [Metric]

    F1685-00(2019) Standard Specification for Pressure-Reducing Manifolds for Air or Nitrogen Systems

    F1716-96(2015) Standard Guide for Transition and Performance of Marine Software Systems Maintenance

    F1718-01(2019) Standard Specification for Rotary Positive Displacement Distillate Fuel Pumps

    F1755M-96(2018) Standard Specification for Solid State Bargraph Meters for Shipboard Use (Metric)

    F1757-96(2015) Standard Guide for Digital Communication Protocols for Computerized Systems

    F1791-00(2019) Standard Specification for Filters Used in Air or Nitrogen Systems

    F1792-97(2021) Standard Specification for Special Requirements for Valves Used in Gaseous Oxygen Service

    F1793-97(2021) Standard Specification for Automatic Shut-Off Valves (Also Known as Excess Flow Valves, EFV) for Air or Nitrogen Service

    F1794-97(2021) Standard Specification for Hand-Operated, Globe-Style Valves for Gas (Except Oxygen Gas) and Hydraulic Systems

    F1795-00(2019) Standard Specification for Pressure-Reducing Valves for Air or Nitrogen Systems

    F1799-97(2021) Standard Guide for Shipboard Generated Waste Management Audits

    F1808-03(2019) Standard Guide for Weight Control Technical Requirements for Surface Ships

    F1835-97(2018) Standard Guide for Cable Splicing Installations

    F1836M-15(2019) Standard Specification for Stuffing Tubes, Nylon, and Packing Assemblies (Metric)

    F1837M-97(2018) Standard Specification for Heat-Shrink Cable Entry Seals (Metric)

    F1878-98(2015) Standard Guide for Escort Vessel Evaluation and Selection

    F1883-20 Standard Practice for Selection of Wire and Cable Size in AWG or Metric Units

    F1985-99(2019)e1 Standard Specification for Pneumatic-Operated, Globe-Style, Control Valves

    F1994-99(2019)e1 Standard Test Method for Shipboard Fixed Foam Firefighting Systems

    F2001-15 Standard Guide for Vessel-Related Technical Information for Use in Developing an Electronic Database and Ship Safety Record

    F2014-00(2019) Standard Specification for Non-Reinforced Extruded Tee Connections for Piping Applications

    F2015-00(2019) Standard Specification for Lap Joint Flange Pipe End Applications

    F2016-00(2018) Standard Practice for Establishing Shipbuilding Quality Requirements for Hull Structure, Outfitting, and Coatings

    F2017-15 Standard Guide for Database Structure of Electronic Data Interchange Between Ship Owner and Shipyard for Contract Administration

    F2039-00(2018) Standard Guide for Basic Elements of Shipboard Occupational Health and Safety Program

    F2044-09(2019)e1 Standard Specification for Liquid Level Indicating Equipment, Electrical

    F2045-00(2018)e1 Standard Specification for Indicators, Sight, Liquid Level, Direct and Indirect Reading, Tubular Glass/Plastic

    F2046-00(2017) Standard Specification for Tachometers, Various

    F2070-00(2017) Standard Specification for Transducers, Pressure and Differential, Pressure, Electrical and Fiber-Optic

    F2071-00(2017) Standard Specification for Switch, Position Proximity (Noncontact) or Limit (Mechanical Contact), Fiber-Optic

    F2087-13(2019) Standard Specification for Packing, Fiberglass, Braided, Rope, and Wick

    F2154-13(2019) Standard Specification for Sound-Absorbing Board, Fibrous Glass, Perforated Fibrous Glass Cloth Faced

    F2168-13(2019) Standard Specification for Packing Material, Graphitic, Corrugated Ribbon or Textured Tape, and Die-Formed Ring

    F2191/F2191M-13(2020)e1 Standard Specification for Packing Material, Graphitic or Carbon Braided Yarn

    F2192-05(2017) Standard Test Method for Determining and Reporting the Berthing Energy and Reaction of Marine Fenders

    F2218-02(2015) Standard Guide for Hardware Implementation for Computerized Systems

    F2283-12(2018) Standard Specification for Shipboard Oil Pollution Abatement System

    F2361-18 Standard Guide for Ordering Low Voltage (1000 VAC or Less) Alternating Current Electric Motors for Shipboard Service—Up to and Including Motors of 500 Horsepower

    F2362-03(2019) Standard Specification for Temperature Monitoring Equipment

    F2363/F2363M-17 Standard Specification for Sewage and Graywater Flow Through Treatment Systems

    F2446-04(2018) Standard Classification for Hierarchy of Equipment Identifiers and Boundaries for Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability (RAM) Performance Data Exchange

    F2798-09(2018) Standard Specification for Sealless Lube Oil Pump with Oil Through Motor for Marine Applications

    F2876-10(2015) Standard Practice for Thermal Rating and Installation of Internal Combustion Engine Packages for use in Hazardous Locations in Marine Applications

    F2877/F2877M-13(2019) Standard Test Method for Shock Testing of Structural Insulation of A-Class Divisions Constructed of Steel or Aluminum

    F2934-12(2018) Standard Specification for Circular Metallic Bellows Type Expansion Joint for HVAC Piping Applications

    F2935-12(2018)e1 Standard Specification for Chocks, Panama, Mooring Cast Steel

    F2936-12(2018)e1 Standard Specification for Chocks, Ship Mooring, Cast Steel

    F3040/F3040M-13(2018) Standard Test Method for Mechanical Static Load Testing of Non-Structural Marine Joiner Bulkheads

    F3052-14(2020)e1 Standard Guide for Conducting Small Boat Stability Test (Deadweight Survey and Air Inclining Experiment) to Determine Lightcraft Weight and Centers of Gravity of a Small Craft

    F3059-18 Standard Specification for Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Gratings Used in Marine Construction and Shipbuilding

    F3226/F3226M-19 Standard Specification for Metallic Press-Connect Fittings for Piping and Tubing Systems

    F3256-17 Standard Guide for Reporting and Recording of Near-Misses for Maritime Industry

    F3257-17 Standard Guide for Design, Construction, and Operation of Vessels Providing Accommodation Service to Offshore Installations

    F3284-18 Standard Guide for Recording and Reporting of Injuries and Illnesses for the Maritime Industry

    F3285-18 Standard Guide for Installation and Application of Type C Portable Tanks for Marine LNG Service

    F3286-17 Standard Guide for Cybersecurity and Cyberattack Mitigation

    F3312/F3312M-18 Standard Practice for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Bunkering Hose Transfer Assembly

    F3319-20 Standard Specification for Selection and Application of Field-Installed Cryogenic Pipe and Equipment Insulation Systems on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)-Fueled Ships

    F3353-19 Standard Guide for Shipboard Use of Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) Batteries

    F3386/F3386M-21 Standard Specification for Detonation Flame Arresters

    F3449-20 Standard Guide for Inclusion of Cyber Risks into Maritime Safety Management Systems in Accordance with IMO Resolution MSC.428(98)―Cyber Risks and Challenges

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