ASTM Volume 11.05, August 2020

    Environmental Assessment, Risk Management and Corrective Action

    Table of Contents

    D5746-98(2016) Standard Classification of Environmental Condition of Property Area Types for Defense Base Closure and Realignment Facilities

    D6008-96(2014) Standard Practice for Conducting Environmental Baseline Surveys

    E1194-17 Standard Test Method for Vapor Pressure

    E1527-13 Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Process

    E1528-14e1 Standard Practice for Limited Environmental Due Diligence: Transaction Screen Process

    E1689-95(2014) Standard Guide for Developing Conceptual Site Models for Contaminated Sites

    E1739-95(2015) Standard Guide for Risk-Based Corrective Action Applied at Petroleum Release Sites

    E1848-96(2014) Standard Guide for Selecting and Using Ecological Endpoints for Contaminated Sites

    E1903-19 Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments: Phase II Environmental Site Assessment Process

    E1943-98(2015) Standard Guide for Remediation of Ground Water by Natural Attenuation at Petroleum Release Sites

    E1990-16 Standard Guide for Performing Evaluations of Underground Storage Tank Systems for Operational Conformance with 40 CFR, Part 280 Regulations

    E2018-15 Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessments: Baseline Property Condition Assessment Process

    E2020-16 Standard Guide for Data and Information Options for Conducting an Ecological Risk Assessment at Contaminated Sites

    E2060-06(2014) Standard Guide for Use of Coal Combustion Products for Solidification/Stabilization of Inorganic Wastes

    E2081-00(2015) Standard Guide for Risk-Based Corrective Action

    E2091-19 Standard Guide for Use of Activity and Use Limitations, Including Institutional and Engineering Controls

    E2107-06(2014) Standard Practice for Environmental Regulatory Compliance Audits

    E2137-17 Standard Guide for Estimating Monetary Costs and Liabilities for Environmental Matters

    E2173-16 Standard Guide for Disclosure of Environmental Liabilities

    E2201-13(2020) Standard Terminology for Coal Combustion Products

    E2205/E2205M-02(2014) Standard Guide for Risk-Based Corrective Action for Protection of Ecological Resources

    E2243-13(2019) Standard Guide for Use of Coal Combustion Products (CCPs) for Surface Mine Reclamation: Re-contouring and Highwall Reclamation

    E2247-16 Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Process for Forestland or Rural Property

    E2256-19 Standard Guide for Hydraulic Integrity of New, Repaired, or Reconstructed Aboveground Storage Tank Bottoms for Petroleum Service

    E2277-14(2019) Standard Guide for Design and Construction of Coal Ash Structural Fills

    E2278-13(2019) Standard Guide for Use of Coal Combustion Products (CCPs) for Surface Mine Reclamation: Revegetation and Mitigation of Acid Mine Drainage

    E2348-17 Standard Guide for Framework for a Consensus-based Environmental Decision-making Process

    E2365-14 Standard Guide for Environmental Compliance Performance Assessment

    E2435-05(2015) Standard Guide for Application of Engineering Controls to Facilitate Use or Redevelopment of Chemical-Affected Properties

    E2531-06(2014) Standard Guide for Development of Conceptual Site Models and Remediation Strategies for Light Nonaqueous-Phase Liquids Released to the Subsurface

    E2600-15 Standard Guide for Vapor Encroachment Screening on Property Involved in Real Estate Transactions

    E2616-09(2014) Standard Guide for Remedy Selection Integrating Risk-Based Corrective Action and Non-Risk Considerations

    E2681-13 Standard Guide for Environmental Management of Underground Storage Tank Systems Storing Hazardous Substances or Petroleum

    E2718-16 Standard Guide for Financial Disclosures Attributed to Climate Change

    E2725-19 Standard Guide for Basic Assessment and Management of Greenhouse Gases

    E2733-10(2015) Standard Guide for Investigation of Equipment Problems and Releases for Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Systems

    E2790-20 Standard Guide for Identifying and Complying With Continuing Obligations

    E2797-15 Standard Practice for Building Energy Performance Assessment for a Building Involved in a Real Estate Transaction

    E2856-13 Standard Guide for Estimation of LNAPL Transmissivity

    E2876-13 Standard Guide for Integrating Sustainable Objectives into Cleanup

    E2893-16e1 Standard Guide for Greener Cleanups

    E2942-17 Standard Guide for Security of Tank Farm Installations for Compliance with Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plan (SPCC) Regulations

    E2993-16 Standard Guide for Evaluating Potential Hazard as a Result of Methane in the Vadose Zone

    E3026-15 Standard Guide for Readily Observable Moisture Affected Materials and Conditions Conducive to Elevated Moisture in Commercial Buildings: Visual Moisture Assessment Process

    E3032-15e1 Standard Guide for Climate Resiliency Planning and Strategy

    E3033-16 Standard Guide for Beneficial Use of Landfills and Chemically Impacted Sites

    E3123-18 Standard Guide for Recognition and Derecognition of Environmental Liabilities

    E3136-18 Standard Guide for Climate Resiliency in Water Resources

    E3155-19 Standard Guide for Assessing Mammal Health at Chemically Contaminated Terrestrial Sites Using Rodent Sperm Analysis

    E3163-18 Standard Guide for Selection and Application of Analytical Methods and Procedures Used during Sediment Corrective Action

    E3164-18 Standard Guide for Sediment Corrective Action – Monitoring

    E3183-19 Standard Guide for Harvesting Coal Combustion Products Stored in Active and Inactive Storage Areas for Beneficial Use

    E3224-19 Standard Guide for Building Energy Performance and Improvement Evaluation in the Assessment of Property Condition

    E3225-20 Standard Practice for Performing a Liquid Test of Spill Prevention Equipment and Containment Sumps Used for Interstitial Monitoring of Piping by Visual Examination

    E3228-19 Standard Guide for Environmental Knowledge Management

    E3240-20 Standard Guide for Risk-Based Corrective Action for Contaminated Sediment Sites

    E3241-20 Standard Guide for Coordination and Cooperation between Facilities, Local Emergency Planning Committees, and Emergency Responders

    E3242-20 Standard Guide for Determination of Representative Sediment Background Concentrations

    E3248-20 Standard Guide for NAPL Mobility and Migration in Sediment – Conceptual Models for Emplacement and Advection

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