ASTM Volume 14.04, July 2011

    Laboratory Apparatus; Degradation of Materials; SI; Oxygen Fire Safety

    Table of Contents

    D2512-95R08 Test Method for Compatibility of Materials with Liquid Oxygen (Impact Sensitivity Threshold and Pass-Fail Techniques)
    E0041-92R10 Terminology Relating To Conditioning
    E0095-68R06 Specification for Cell-Type Oven with Controlled Rates of Ventilation
    E0123-02R07 Specification for Apparatus for Determination of Water by Distillation
    E0124-94R10 Specification for Weighing and Drying Apparatus for Microchemical Analysis
    E0128-99R05 Test Method for Maximum Pore Diameter and Permeability of Rigid Porous Filters for Laboratory Use
    E0133-92R10 Specification for Distillation Equipment
    E0144-94R06E01 Practice for Safe Use of Oxygen Combustion Bombs
    E0145-94R06 Specification for Gravity-Convection and Forced-Ventilation Ovens
    E0147-61R06 Specification for Apparatus for Microdetermination of Nitrogen by Kjeldahl Method
    E0175-82R10 Terminology of Microscopy
    E0191-64R05 Specification for Apparatus For Microdetermination of Carbon and Hydrogen in Organic and Organo-Metallic Compounds
    E0193-94R10 Specification for Laboratory Glass Micropipets
    E0205-96R10 Specification for Glass and Oxygen Combustion Flask
    E0210-63R10 Specification for Microscope Objective Thread
    E0211-82R10 Specification for Cover Glasses and Glass Slides for Use in Microscopy
    E0236-66R06 Specification for Apparatus for Microdetermination of Alkoxyl Groups
    E0237-02R07 Specification for Laboratory Glass Microvolumetric Vessels (Volumetric Flasks and Centrifuge Tubes)
    E0287-02R07 Specification for Laboratory Glass Graduated Burets
    E0288-10 Specification for Laboratory Glass Volumetric Flasks
    E0319-85R08 Practice for the Evaluation of Single-Pan Mechanical Balances
    E0438-92R06 Specification for Glasses in Laboratory Apparatus
    E0542-01R07 Practice for Calibration of Laboratory Volumetric Apparatus
    E0617-97R08 Specification for Laboratory Weights and Precision Mass Standards
    E0671-98R10 Specification for Maximum Permissible Thermal Residual Stress in Annealed Glass Laboratory Apparatus
    E0672-87R06 Specification for Disposable Glass Micropipets
    E0675-02R07 Specification for Interchangeable Taper-Ground Stopcocks And Stoppers
    E0676-02R07 Specification for Interchangeable Taper-Ground Joints
    E0677-94R10 Specification for Interchangeable Spherical Ground Joints
    E0694-99R10 Specification for Laboratory Glass Volumetric Apparatus
    E0714-94R09 Specification for Disposable Glass Serological Pipets
    E0715-80R06 Specification for Gravity-Convection and Forced-Circulation Water Baths
    E0732-80R06 Specification for Disposable Pasteur-Type Pipet
    E0734-80R10 Specification for Disposable Glass Blood Sample Capillary Tube (Microhematocrit)
    E0784-89R05 Specification for Clamps, Utility, Laboratory, and Holders, Buret and Clamp
    E0785-81R06 Specification for Crucibles, Ignition, Laboratory, Metal
    E0786-81R06 Specification for Dishes, Evaporating, Platinum
    E0787-81R06 Specification for Disposable Glass Micro Blood Collection Pipets
    E0788-97R08 Specification for Pipet, Blood Diluting
    E0816-05R10 Test Method for Calibration of Pyrheliometers by Comparison to Reference Pyrheliometers
    E0824-10 Test Method for Transfer of Calibration From Reference to Field Radiometers
    E0832-81R08 Specification for Laboratory Filter Papers
    E0890-94R09 Specification for Disposable Glass Culture Tubes
    E0898-88R05 Test Method of Testing Top-Loading, Direct-Reading Laboratory Scales and Balances
    E0911-98R09 Specification for Glass Stopcocks with Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Plugs
    E0920-97R08 Specification for Commercially Packaged Laboratory Apparatus
    E0921-97R10 Specification for Export Packaged Laboratory Apparatus
    E0923-97R08 Specification for Glass Westergren Tube, Reusable
    E0934-94R09 Specification for Serological Pipet, Disposable Plastic
    E0960-93R08 Specification for Laboratory Glass Beakers
    E0961-97R08 Specification for Blood Sedimentation Tube, Wintrobe, Glass, Reusable
    E0969-02R07 Specification for Glass Volumetric (Transfer) Pipets
    E0982-94R09 Specification for Laboratory Glass Test Tubes
    E1043-00R10 Specification for Pipets, Milk and Cream Examination
    E1044-96R06 Specification for Glass Serological Pipets (General Purpose and Kahn)
    E1045-00R10 Specification for Pipet, Sahli Hemoglobin
    E1046-85R10 Specification for Glass Westergren Tube, Disposable
    E1047-85R10 Specification for Blood Sedimentation Tube, Wintrobe, Glass, Disposable
    E1048-88R10 Specification for Color-Coding Pipets or Containers Coated With Anticoagulants
    E1092-91R10 Specification for Glass Micro Folin Pipet, Disposable
    E1093-91R05 Specification for Glass Prothrombin Pipet, Disposable
    E1094-04R09 Specification for Pharmaceutical Glass Graduates
    E1095-99R10 Specification for Common Laboratory Glass Funnels
    E1096-86R06 Specification for Laboratory Glass Separatory Funnels
    E1133-86R10 Practice for Performance Testing of Packaged Laboratory Apparatus for United States Government Procurements
    E1154-90R08 Specification for Piston or Plunger Operated Volumetric Apparatus
    E1157-87R06 Specification for Sampling and Testing of Reusable Laboratory Glassware
    E1189-00R10 Specification for Micro-Burets (Koch Style)
    E1270-88R08 Test Method for Equal Arm Balances
    E1272-02R07 Specification for Laboratory Glass Graduated Cylinders
    E1273-88R08 Specification for Color Coding of Reusable Laboratory Pipets
    E1292-94R06 Specification for Gravity Convection and Forced Ventilation Incubators
    E1293-02R07 Specification for Glass Measuring Pipets
    E1377-99R10 Specification for Laboratory Glass Kjeldahl Flasks
    E1378-99R10 Specification for Laboratory Glass Multiple Neck Distilling/Boiling Flasks
    E1379-90R10 Specification for Laboratory Glass Dewar Flask
    E1380-90R10 Specification for Color Coding of Laboratory Pipets with Multiple Graduations, 0.1 mL and Larger, But Excluding Disposable Prothrombin and Disposable Micropipets
    E1403-97R08 Specification for Laboratory Glass Boiling Flasks
    E1404-94R08 Specification for Laboratory Glass Conical Flasks
    E1405-98R10 Specification for Laboratory Glass Distillation Flasks
    E1406-95R10 Specification for Laboratory Glass Filter Flasks
    E1522-93R08 Specification for Autoclavable Protective Coatings on Laboratory Glassware
    E1878-97R08 Specification for Laboratory Glass Volumetric Flasks, Special Use
    G0007-05 Practice for Atmospheric Environmental Exposure Testing of Nonmetallic Materials
    G0021-09 Practice for Determining Resistance of Synthetic Polymeric Materials to Fungi
    G0024-05 Practice for Conducting Exposures to Daylight Filtered Through Glass
    G0029-96R10 Practice for Determining Algal Resistance of Plastic Films
    G0063-99R07 Guide for Evaluating Nonmetallic Materials for Oxygen Service
    G0072_G0072M-09 Test Method for Autogenous Ignition Temperature of Liquids and Solids in a High-Pressure Oxygen-Enriched Environment
    G0074-08 Test Method for Ignition Sensitivity of Materials to Gaseous Fluid Impact
    G0086-98AR11 Test Method for Determining Ignition Sensitivity of Materials to Mechanical Impact in Ambient Liquid Oxygen and Pressurized Liquid and Gaseous Oxygen Environments
    G0088-05 Guide for Designing Systems for Oxygen Service
    G0090-10 Practice for Performing Accelerated Outdoor Weathering of Nonmetallic Materials Using Concentrated Natural Sunlight
    G0093-03R11 Practice for Cleaning Methods and Cleanliness Levels for Material and Equipment Used in Oxygen-Enriched Environments
    G0094-05 Guide for Evaluating Metals for Oxygen Service
    G0113-09 Terminology Relating to Natural and Artificial Weathering Tests of Nonmetallic Materials
    G0114-07 Practices for Evaluating the Age Resistance of Polymeric Materials Used in Oxygen Service
    G0120-01R08 Practice for Determination of Soluble Residual Contamination by Soxhlet Extraction
    G0121-98R10E01 Practice for Preparation of Contaminated Test Coupons for the Evaluation of Cleaning Agents
    G0122-96R08 Test Method for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Cleaning Agents
    G0124-10 Test Method for Determining the Combustion Behavior of Metallic Materials in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres
    G0125-00R08 Test Method for Measuring Liquid and Solid Material Fire Limits in Gaseous Oxidants
    G0126-00R08 Terminology Relating to the Compatibility and Sensitivity of Materials in Oxygen Enriched Atmospheres
    G0127-95R08 Guide for the Selection of Cleaning Agents for Oxygen Systems
    G0128-02R08 Guide for Control of Hazards and Risks in Oxygen Enriched Systems
    G0130-06 Test Method for Calibration of Narrow- and Broad-Band Ultraviolet Radiometers Using a Spectroradiometer
    G0131-96R08 Practice for Cleaning of Materials and Components by Ultrasonic Techniques
    G0136-03R09 Practice for Determination of Soluble Residual Contaminants in Materials by Ultrasonic Extraction
    G0138-06 Test Method for Calibration of a Spectroradiometer Using a Standard Source of Irradiance
    G0141-09 Guide for Addressing Variability in Exposure Testing of Nonmetallic Materials
    G0144-01R06 Test Method for Determination of Residual Contamination of Materials and Components by Total Carbon Analysis Using a High Temperature Combustion Analyzer
    G0145-08 Guide for Studying Fire Incidents in Oxygen Systems
    G0147-09 Practice for Conditioning and Handling of Nonmetallic Materials for Natural and Artificial Weathering Tests
    G0151-10 Practice for Exposing Nonmetallic Materials in Accelerated Test Devices that Use Laboratory Light Sources
    G0152-06 Practice for Operating Open Flame Carbon Arc Light Apparatus for Exposure of Nonmetallic Materials
    G0153-04R10 Practice for Operating Enclosed Carbon Arc Light Apparatus for Exposure of Nonmetallic Materials
    G0154-06 Practice for Operating Fluorescent Light Apparatus for UV Exposure of Nonmetallic Materials
    G0155-05A Practice for Operating Xenon Arc Light Apparatus for Exposure of Non-Metallic Materials
    G0156-09 Practice for Selecting and Characterizing Weathering Reference Materials
    G0160-03R09 Practice for Evaluating Microbial Susceptibility of Nonmetallic Materials By Laboratory Soil Burial
    G0166-00R05 Guide for Statistical Analysis of Service Life Data
    G0167-05R10 Test Method for Calibration of a Pyranometer Using a Pyrheliometer
    G0169-01R08E01 Guide for Application of Basic Statistical Methods to Weathering Tests
    G0172-03R10 Guide for Statistical Analysis of Accelerated Service Life Data
    G0173-03R08 Tables for Reference Solar Spectral Irradiances: Direct Normal and Hemispherical on 37|SD Tilted Surface
    G0175-03R11 Test Method for Evaluating the Ignition Sensitivity and Fault Tolerance of Oxygen Regulators Used for Medical and Emergency Applications
    G0177-03R08E01 Tables for Reference Solar Ultraviolet Spectral Distributions: Hemispherical on 37|SD Tilted Surface
    G0178-09 Practice for Determining the Activation Spectrum of a Material (Wavelength Sensitivity to an Exposure Source) Using the Sharp Cut-On Filter or Spectrographic Technique
    G0179-04 Specification for Metal Black Panel and White Panel Temperature Devices for Natural Weathering Tests
    G0183-05R10 Practice for Field Use of Pyranometers, Pyrheliometers and UV Radiometers
    G0197-08 Table for Reference Solar Spectral Distributions: Direct and Diffuse on 20|SD Tilted and Vertical Surfaces
    G0201-09 Practice for Conducting Exposures in Outdoor Glass-Covered Exposure Apparatus with Air Circulation

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