ASTM Volume 07.02, November 2011

    Textiles (II): D4393 - latest

    Table of Contents

    D4393_D4393M-10 Test Method for Strap Peel Adhesion of Reinforcing Cords or Fabrics to Rubber Compounds
    D4465-05R10 Performance Specification for Zippers for Dungarees, Jeans and Work Trousers
    D4466-02R07 Terminology Related to Multicomponent Textile Fibers
    D4510-05R09 Test Method for Counting Partial Cleavages in Wool and Other Animal Fibers
    D4522-04 Performance Specification for Feather and Down Fillings for Textile Products
    D4524-86R05 Test Method for Composition of Plumage
    D4685-07R11E01 Test Method for Pile Fabric Abrasion
    D4720-08 Performance Specification for Soft Window Covering Fabrics for Household Use
    D4723-07E02 Classification Index of and Descriptions of Textile Flammability Test Methods
    D4724-11 Test Method for Entanglements in Untwisted Filament Yarns by Needle Insertion
    D4771_D4771M-09 Performance Specification for Knitted Upholstery Fabrics for Indoor Furniture
    D4772-09E01 Test Method for Surface Water Absorption of Terry Fabrics (Water Flow)
    D4776_D4776M-10 Test Method for Adhesion of Tire Cords and Other Reinforcing Cords to Rubber Compounds by H-Test Procedure
    D4845-10 Terminology Relating to Wool
    D4846-96R11 Test Method for Resistance to Unsnapping of Snap Fasteners
    D4847-02R08 Performance Specification for Woven Awning and Canopy Fabrics
    D4848-98R04E01 Terminology Related to Force, Deformation and Related Properties of Textiles
    D4849-02BR07E01 Terminology Related to Yarns and Fibers
    D4850-08E01 Terminology Relating to Fabrics and Fabric Test Methods
    D4851-07R11 Test Methods for Coated and Laminated Fabrics for Architectural Use
    D4852-88R09E01 Practice for Evaluation of Attached Upholstery Fabrics
    D4910-08 Tables of Body Measurements for Children, Infant Sizes\MPreemie to 24 Months
    D4912-07 Test Method for Fabric Stability of Vinyl-Coated Glass Yarn Insect Screening and Louver Cloth
    D4920-08 Terminology Relating to Conditioning, Chemical, and Thermal Properties
    D4963_D4963M-11 Test Method for Ignition Loss of Glass Fiber Strands and Fabrics
    D4964-96R08E02 Test Method for Tension and Elongation of Elastic Fabrics (Constant-Rate-of-Extension Type Tensile Testing Machine)
    D4966-10 Test Method for Abrasion Resistance of Textile Fabrics (Martindale Abrasion Tester Method)
    D4970_D4970M-10E01 Test Method for Pilling Resistance and Other Related Surface Changes of Textile Fabrics: Martindale Tester
    D4974-04R11 Test Method for Hot Air Thermal Shrinkage of Yarn and Cord Using a Thermal Shrinkage Oven
    D4975-04R11 Test Methods for Single-Filament Tire Bead Wire Made from Steel
    D5034-09 Test Method for Breaking Strength and Elongation of Textile Fabrics (Grab Test)
    D5035-11 Test Method for Breaking Force and Elongation of Textile Fabrics (Strip Method)
    D5103-07 Test Method for Length and Length Distribution of Manufactured Staple Fibers (Single-Fiber Test)
    D5169-98R10 Test Method for Shear Strength (Dynamic Method) of Hook and Loop Touch Fasteners
    D5170-98R10 Test Method for Peel Strength (|P`T|P' Method) of Hook and Loop Touch Fasteners
    D5171-09A Test Method for Impact Resistance of Plastic Sew-Through Buttons
    D5219-09 Terminology Relating to Body Dimensions for Apparel Sizing
    D5238-10 Test Method for Smoldering Combustion Potential of Cotton-Based Batting
    D5251-05 Practice for the Operation of the Tetrapod Walker Drum Tester
    D5252-05 Practice for the Operation of the Hexapod Tumble Drum Tester
    D5253-04R10E01 Terminology Relating to Floor Coverings and Textile Upholstered Furniture
    D5278-09 Test Method for Elongation of Narrow Elastic Fabrics (Static-Load Testing)
    D5344-99R05 Test Method for Extension Force of Partially Oriented Yarn
    D5362-03R08E01 Test Method for Snagging Resistance of Fabrics (Bean Bag)
    D5417-11 Practice for Operation of the Vettermann Drum Tester
    D5426-08E01 Practices for Visual Inspection and Grading of Fabrics Used for Inflatable Restraints
    D5427-09 Practice for Accelerated Aging of Inflatable Restraint Fabrics
    D5428-08 Practice for Evaluating the Performance of Inflatable Restraint Modules
    D5430-07R11 Test Methods for Visually Inspecting and Grading Fabrics
    D5431-08 Performance Specification for Woven and Knitted Sheeting Products for Institutional and Household Use
    D5446-08 Practice for Determining Physical Properties of Fabrics, Yarns, and Sewing Thread Used in Inflatable Restraints
    D5489-07 Guide for Care Symbols for Care Instructions on Textile Products
    D5585-11 Tables of Body Measurements for Adult Female Misses Figure Type, Size Range 00\N20
    D5586_D5586M-10 Tables of Body Measurements for Women Aged 55 and Older (All Figure Types),
    D5587-08 Test Method for Tearing Strength of Fabrics by Trapezoid Procedure
    D5591-04R11 Test Method for Thermal Shrinkage Force of Yarn and Cord With a Thermal Shrinkage Force Tester
    D5646-11 Terminology Relating to Seams and Stitches Used in Home Sewing
    D5647-07 Guide for Measuring Hairiness of Yarns by the Photo-Electric Apparatus
    D5684-10 Terminology Relating to Pile Floor Coverings
    D5793-05 Test Method for Binding Sites per Unit Length or Width of Pile Yarn Floor Coverings
    D5807-08 Practice for Evaluating the Overpressurization Characteristics of Inflatable Restraint Cushions
    D5822-08 Test Method for Determining Seam Strength in Inflatable Restraint Cushions
    D5823-05A Test Method for Tuft Height of Pile Floor Coverings
    D5848-10E01 Test Method for Mass Per Unit Area of Pile Yarn Floor Coverings
    D5866-05 Test Method for Neps in Cotton Fibers (AFIS-N Instrument)
    D5867-05 Test Methods for Measurement of Physical Properties of Cotton Fibers by High Volume Instruments
    D6119-05 Practice for Creating Surface Appearance Changes in Pile Yarn Floor Covering from Foot Traffic
    D6192-11 Tables of Body Measurements for Girls, Sizes 2 to 20 (Reg & Slim) and Girls Plus
    D6193-11 Practice for Stitches and Seams
    D6197-99R05 Test Method for Classifying and Counting Faults in Spun Yarns in Electronic Tests
    D6207-03R11 Test Method for Dimensional Stability of Fabrics to Changes in Humidity and Temperature
    D6240-98R06 Tables of Body Measurements for Men Sizes Thirty-Four to Sixty (34 to 60) Regular
    D6283-05 Test Method for Tuft Element Length of Uncoated Pile Yarn Floor Coverings
    D6320_D6320M-10 Test Methods for Single Filament Hose Reinforcing Wire Made from Steel
    D6321-98R04 Practice for the Evaluation of Machine Washable T-Shirts
    D6322-07 Guide to International Test Methods Associated with Textile Care Procedures
    D6413-11 Test Method for Flame Resistance of Textiles (Vertical Test)
    D6458-99R06 Tables of Body Measurements for Boys, Sizes 8 to 14 Slim and 8 to 20 Regular
    D6466-10 Test Method for Diameter of Wool and Other Animal Fibers By Sirolan-Laserscan Fiber Diameter Analyser
    D6476-08 Test Method for Determining Dynamic Air Permeability of Inflatable Restraint Fabrics
    D6477-11 Terminology Relating to Tire Cord, Bead Wire, Hose Reinforcing Wire, and Fabrics
    D6478-10 Test Method for Determining Specific Packability of Fabrics Used in Inflatable Restraints
    D6479-11 Test Method for Determining the Edgecomb Resistance of Woven Fabrics Used in Inflatable Restraints
    D6500-00R06 Test Method for Diameter of Wool and Other Animal Fibers Using an Optical Fiber Diameter Analyser
    D6540-05 Test Method for Accelerated Soiling of Pile Yarn Floor Covering
    D6544-11 Practice for Preparation of Textiles Prior to Ultraviolet (UV) Transmission Testing
    D6545-10 Test Method for Flammability of Textiles Used in Children's Sleepwear
    D6554_D6554M-09 Specification for 100 \% Cotton Denim Fabrics
    D6587-00R06E01 Test Method for Yarn Number Using Automatic Tester
    D6588_D6588M-11 Test Method for Fatigue of Tire Cords (Disc Fatigue Test)
    D6603-11 Guide for Labeling of UV-Protective Textiles
    D6611-00R07 Test Method for Wet and Dry Yarn-on-Yarn Abrasion Resistance
    D6612-00R11 Test Method for Yarn Number and Yarn Number Variability Using Automated Tester
    D6613-08 Practice for Determining the Presence of Sizing in Nylon or Polyester Fabric
    D6614-07R11 Test Method for Stretch Properties of Textile Fabrics \N CRE Method
    D6644-01R07 Test Method for Tension Strength of Sew-Through Flange Buttons
    D6663-08 Specification for Woven and Knitted Comforter and Accessory Products for Institutional and Household Use
    D6672-08 Practice for Formatting Cutting Data to Drive Numerically Controlled Fabric Cutting Machines
    D6673-10 Practice for Sewn Products Pattern Data Interchange\MData Format
    D6674-01R09E01 Guide for Proficiency Test Program for Fabrics
    D6717-07 Test Method for Linear Density of Elastomeric Yarns (Skein Specimens)
    D6719-10 Guide for Standard Test Methods and Practices for Evaluating Pile Yarn Floor Covering
    D6720-07 Test Method for Evaluation of Recoverable Stretch of Stretch Yarns (Skein Method)
    D6770-07R11 Test Method for Abrasion Resistance of Textile Webbing (Hex Bar Method)
    D6774-02R10 Test Method for Crimp and Shrinkage Properties for Textured Yarns Using a Dynamic Textured Yarn Tester
    D6775-02R11 Test Method for Breaking Strength and Elongation of Textile Webbing, Tape and Braided Material
    D6797-07R11 Test Method for Bursting Strength of Fabrics Constant-Rate-of-Extension (CRE) Ball Burst Test
    D6798-02R07 Terminology Relating to Flax and Linen
    D6799-08 Terminology Relating to Inflatable Restraints
    D6828-02R11 Test Method for Stiffness of Fabric by Blade/Slot Procedure
    D6829-02R08 Tables of Body Measurements for Juniors, Sizes 0 to 19
    D6840-02R07 Test Method for Effect of Drycleaning on Buttons
    D6859-05 Test Method for Pile Thickness of Finished Level Pile Yarn Floor Coverings
    D6860_D6860M-09 Tables of Body Measurements for Boys, Sizes 6 to 24 Husky
    D6959-08 Practice for Data Exchange Format for Sewn Product Plotting Devices
    D6960-04 Table of Body Measurements Relating to Women's Plus Size Figure Type, Sizes 14W\N32W
    D6961_D6961M-09 Test Method for Color Measurement of Flax Fiber
    D6962-05 Practice for Operation of a Roller Chair Tester for Pile Yarn Floor Coverings
    D6963-04E01 Terminology Relating to Sewn Products Automation
    D7016_D7016M-09E01 Test Method to Evaluate Edge Binding Components Used in Mattresses After Exposure to An Open Flame
    D7017-05 Performance Specification for Rainwear and All-Purpose, Water-Repellent Coat Fabrics
    D7018_D7018M-11 Terminology Relating to Glass Fiber and Its Products
    D7019-05R10 Performance Specification for Brassiere, Slip, Lingerie and Underwear Fabrics
    D7020-05 Performance Specification for Woven Blouse, Dress, Dress Shirt & Sport Shirt Fabrics
    D7021-05 Performance Specification for Bathrobe, Dressing Gown, Negligee, Nightgown, and Pajama Fabrics
    D7022-04 Terminology Relating to Apparel
    D7023-06 Terminology Relating to Home Furnishings
    D7024-04 Test Method for Steady State and Dynamic Thermal Performance of Textile Materials
    D7025-09 Test Method for Assessing Clean Flax Fiber Fineness
    D7076-10 Test Method for Measurement of Shives in Retted Flax
    D7138-08 Test Method to Determine Melting Temperature of Synthetic Fibers
    D7139-09 Terminology for Cotton Fibers
    D7140-07 Test Method to Measure Heat Transfer Through Textile Thermal Barrier Materials
    D7142-05R11 Test Method for Holding Strength of Prong-Ring Attached Snap Fasteners
    D7197-06 Table of Body Measurements for Misses Maternity Sizes Two to Twenty-Two (2-22)
    D7241-06 Test Method for Pile Thickness of Finished Multilevel Pile Yarn Floor Covering
    D7267-06 Test Method for Edge Ravel Resistance of Finished Loop Pile, Pile Yarn Floor Covering
    D7268-06 Performance Specification for Seamless Knit Garments Including Intimates and Swimwear
    D7269_D7269M-11 Test Methods for Tensile Testing of Aramid Yarns
    D7330-11 Test Method for Assessment of Surface Appearance Change in Pile Floor Coverings Using Standard Reference Scales
    D7331-11 Practice for Sewn Products Marker Data Interchange
    D7410-07 Practice for Qualification of Cotton Classification Instruments for Cotton Marketing
    D7506_D7506M-09 Test Method for Pocket Reinforcement
    D7507-10 Specification for Woven High Stretch Fabrics Used in Apparel
    D7508_D7508M-10 Specification for Polyolefin Chopped Strands for Use in Concrete
    D7559_D7559M-09 Test Method for Determining Pressure Decay of Inflatable Restraint Cushions
    D7570-09 Test Method for Evaluation of Dimensional Stability of Pile Yarn Floor Covering
    D7571-10 Specification for Retained Sewn Seam Strength After Exposures to Hot Air and Open Flame
    D7641-10 Guide for Textile Fibers
    D7722-11 Terminology Relating to Industrial Textile Stitches and Seams

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