Reference Radiographs for E446 Steel Castings Up to 2 in. (51 mm) in Thickness - Vol I + Active Standard

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    Reference Radiographs are nondestructive testing standards universally accepted because of their high reliability in accept-reject actions.

    These reference radiographs illustrate various types and degrees of discontinuities occurring in steel castings that have section thicknesses up to 2 in. ( 51 mm).

    The illustrations consist of the following:

    RRE044601 — (Volume I): Medium Voltage (Nominal 250 kVp) X-Ray Reference Radiographs - Set of 34 illustrations ( 5 by 7 in.) in a 15 by 17-in. ring binder.

    E446 Volume I reference radiographs are available as digital reference images with the designation E2868.

    A copy of the current ASTM standard is included with the purchase of these reference radiographs.

    These reference radioagraphs are also available:

    RRE044602 Volume II

    RRE044603 Volume III

    RRE0446CS Save when you buy the three-volume set.

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