Active Standard F792 + Adjunct to F0792 Drawings for Test Piece

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    SPECIAL OFFER! This combination product includes both the Adjunct ADJF079217-E-PDF and a copy of the Active Standard F792, Standard Practice for Evaluating the Imaging Performance of Security X-Ray Systems.

    This adjunct includes the active standard plus a set of three mechanical drawings in PDF format. The drawings are of higher quality than those found in the standard and will be sufficient for fabrication of the test object.

    Stock #: ADJF079217CS

    ADJF079217CS-C01 ADJF079217CS-C02 ADJF079217CS-C03 ADJF079217CS-C04 ADJF079217CS-C05 ADJF079217CS-C06 ADJF079217CS-C07 ADJF079217CS-F01 ADJF079217CS-F02 ADJF079217CS-R01 ADJF079217CS-R02 ADJF079217CS-R03 ADJF079217CS-SN