Adjunct to D7331 Standard Practice for Sewn Products Marker Data Interchange

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    ASTM Adjunct to D7331 is an XML schema file that describes the XML grammar of D7331-07 marker file exchange standard. It describes:
    • marker generalities
    • the material description
    • the marker order, which is a list of associations between a style, a size and a quantity
    • the geometrical description of all styles in all required sizes
    • the list of bundles
    • the list of nested pieces
    • the list of nesting constraints
    This file is mandatory to understand ASTM marker data structure. It describes what should contain an ASTM marker file and how it should be structured. It can be used to verify that an ASTM marker is valid. XML schema file is a text file and can easily be imported and exported. It is also supported by all machines and operating systems. Understanding this schema requires knowing XML and XML schema technology.

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