Adjunct to D2663 Test Methods for Carbon Black-Dispersion in Rubber

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    Carbon Black Dispersion Standards - Visual Analysis of Torn Vulcanizates – Series of photographic standards (one 8 x 10 in.), rating 1 to 5 magnification x10. These photographs are used to compare the size and frequency of carbon agglomerates in the specimens (showing up as surface bumps or depressions).

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    ADJD266302-C01 ADJD266302-C02 ADJD266302-C03 ADJD266302-C04 ADJD266302-C05 ADJD266302-C06 ADJD266302-C07 ADJD266302-F01 ADJD266302-F02 ADJD266302-R01 ADJD266302-R02 ADJD266302-R03 ADJD266302-SN