Adjunct to D2255 Test Method for Grading Spun Yarns for Appearance -- Series 4-79

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    Series 4-79 — This adjunct includes photographs for Yarn Number Range 36s/1 to 50s/1 (16 to 12 Tex)

    A series of photographic prints representing four appearance grades - A, B, C, and D in six ranges of yarn numbers. Grade A is the highest and the others are progressively lower.

    The appearance grades are based on composite evaluations of several factors, including yarn evenness, fuzziness, and neppiness. For ease in comparison grading, the same yarn is used for all grades in a series. A near mid-range size was selected to represent equal steps between adjacent grades using yarns produced with current commercial manufacturing equipment and practices. The use of offset printing provides better yarn definition and uniformity from set to set.

    Each photograph is 6 inches x 10 inches in size and the four photographs representing Grades A to D of each series are mounted on a 27.5 inches x 15 inches extra heavy board.

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