Adjunct to D1693 Test Method for Environmental Stress-Cracking of Ethylene Plastics

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    This complete set includes ADJD169302 Bending Clamp, ADJ169303 Nicking Jig, and ADJD196304 Transfer Tool. These devices are used to test ethylene plastics for mechanical failure by cracking.

    Stock #: ADJD1693CS

    ADJD1693CS-C01 ADJD1693CS-C02 ADJD1693CS-C03 ADJD1693CS-C04 ADJD1693CS-C05 ADJD1693CS-C06 ADJD1693CS-C07 ADJD1693CS-F01 ADJD1693CS-F02 ADJD1693CS-R01 ADJD1693CS-R02 ADJD1693CS-R03 ADJD1693CS-SN