Adjunct to D1250 Petroleum Measurement Tables -- Volume I -- D1250-80 (HISTORICAL)

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    Volume I -- Table 5A: Generalized Crude Oils, Correction of Observed API Gravity to API Gravity at 60°F and Table 6A: Generalized Crude Oils, Correction of Volume to 60°F Against API Gravity

    In the 1980 printed Petroleum Measurement Tables the volume correction factors have been listed in tabular format. All 11 volumes of these Petroleum Measurement Tables in printed format from 1980 are historical documents, which have been superseded and changed by two documents:

    ASTM D1250 Standard Guide for Use of the Petroleum Measurement Tables–This is a guide for use of the API Chapter 11.1.

    Adjunct to ASTM D1250–This PDF provides the implementation procedures for the use of temperature and pressure volume correction factors for generalized crude oils, refined products, and lubricating oils.

    The 1980 standard and the printed Petroleum Measurement Tables have been superseded by API Chapter 11.1 (2008) and include Addendum 1 dated September 2007. The use of the ASTM standard and adjunct remains voluntary and the decision on when to utilize/specify a standard is an issue that is subject to the negotiations between the parties involved in the transaction. ASTM and API assume no liability for usage.

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