Committee on Publications Member List

    The Committee on Publications (COP) advises the board of directors on the formulation of publication policy. The committee is responsible for the publications program of the Society, except the acceptance for publication of ASTM standards. COP administers the Society publications program and may, with the concurrence of the board, initiate, continue, expand or terminate periodicals, journals, series or other continuing publications with the exception of the Annual Book of ASTM Standards.

    Staff Secretary: Kathy Dernoga


    William Likos, Board Chair

    Jay Bhatt

    K Russell DePriest

    John Haddock

    Yinlun Huang

    Jason Ideker

    Andrew Kireta Jr

    Michael Mitchell

    Richard Neu

    Majdi Othman

    Sudarsan Rachuri

    Donya Stubbs

    George Totten

    Sara Welliver

    Theresa Weston

    Nazli Yesiller

    Member Ex Officio

    John Logar