ASTM International Board of Directors

The 2012 ASTM International board of directors, seated from left: Michael R. Withers, Mary H. Saunders, Ronald J. Ebelhar, Robert D. Thomas, Randy F. Jennings, S. Shyam Sunder, Marilyn L. Baker; second row, from left: Dale F. Bohn, Donald L. Mays, Mary C. McKiel (vice chairman), James A. Thomas (president), Kenneth F. Yarosh (chairman), Thomas A. Schwartz (vice chairman), Stephen M. Cramer, Amy A. Costello, Ralph M. Paroli; top row, from left: Dennis D. Rounds, D. Thomas Marsh, Anthony W. Thornton, Ricky W. Magee, Roger E. Stoller (past chairman), Charles B. Sidebottom, Shaun E. Donnelly, Kaphong Choi. Not shown: Catherine H. Pilarz (past chairman)


of the Board

Kenneth F. Yarosh

Global Service Line Manager
Dow Corning Corp.


Vice Chairmen

of the Board

Mary C. McKiel

Standards Executive
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Thomas A. Schwartz

Senior Principal, President and Chairman of the Board
Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc.


Chairman of the Finance and Audit Committee

Michael R. Withers

Vice President of Ride Engineering
Walt Disney Imagineering

Directors 2010-2012

Marilyn L. Baker

Senior Innovation Consultant
Global Quality
The Coca-Cola Co.

Ronald J. Ebelhar

Senior Principal

Randy Jennings

Fuels Policy and Technical Administrator Regulatory Services Division
Tennessee Department of Agriculture

Ricky W. Magee

Director of Rubber Carbon Black Technical Service and Quality Systems
Columbian Chemicals Co.

Mary H. Saunders

Director of the Standards Coordination Office U.S. Department of Commerce
National Institute of Standards and Technology

Robert D. Thomas

National Concrete Masonry Association

Directors 2011-2013

Shaun E. Donnelly

Vice President for Investment and Financial Services
U.S. Council for International Business

D. Thomas Marsh

Centrotrade Minerals and Metals Inc.

Ralph M. Paroli, Ph.D.

Director, Research and Development Measurement Science and Standards Portfolio
National Research Council of Canada

Dennis D. Rounds

Manager, Multi-Award Task Order Contract
Morris Inc.

S. Shyam Sunder, Sc.D.

Director of the Engineering Laboratory
National Institute of Standards and Technology

Anthony W. Thornton

Director of Product Integrity and Performance and Senior Product Scientist
Micromeritics Instrument Corp.

Directors 2012-2014

Dale F. Bohn

Quality Manager
Flint Hills Resources LP

Kaphong Choi

Vice President and Head of Office
Korea Battery Industry Association

Amy A. Costello

Environmental Sustainability Manager
Armstrong World Industries Inc.

Steven M. Cramer

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Wisconsin

Donald L. Mays

Director of Product Safety
Deloitte and Touche LLP


Past Chairmen

Catherine H. Pilarz

Senior Director

Roger E. Stoller

Distinguished Research Staff Member and Task Leader for Fusion Reactor Materials Modeling Materials Science and Technology Division
Oak Ridge National Laboratory


President, ASTM International

James A. Thomas