Cool Tools

ASTM Mobile App

New in 2012, ASTM International launched a mobile app for iPhone, iPod and Android devices. The official ASTM Mobile app features access to all upcoming ASTM meetings, including up-to-date schedules, venue contact information and directions, hotel floor plans, local dining and attractions from Yelp and more. This convenient and easy-to-use application eliminates the need to carry extra papers to ASTM committee meetings, putting all of the important information at meeting attendees’ fingertips. Download directly at

Toolkit for Professors

A new academic offering, the ASTM Professor’s Toolkit, was introduced in 2012 to help university professors include technical standards as part of their engineering and business curricula and promote awareness of standards in the classroom. The Professor’s Toolkit offers a collection of ASTM materials in one place, so instructors can pick and choose which components work best for their classes. The kit includes CDs with scripted modules, sample syllabi and standards, short videos, articles about standards education, industry sector overviews and case studies. Information on student membership, ASTM’s digital library and copyright policy is also included. A number of the materials have been translated into Spanish, Mandarin and Portuguese. To access the Professor’s Toolkit online, visit

Behind the Scenes Enhancements

All 12,350 ASTM International standards in ASTM’s electronic publishing system were converted to extensible markup language (XML) by the end of 2012. In addition to allowing ASTM to offer standards in several formats, the use of XML will enhance pre-ballot draft document preparation and collaboration. It will also provide faster product development as well as better searching and indexing capabilities.

Video Technology

The Society continues to explore ways to expand and advance its video programs. Videos are currently being added to selected standards and will be a key component in important ASTM initiatives for Proficiency Testing Programs, Technical and Professional Training and e-learning programs moving forward. For the first time in 2012, a companion video accompanied the annual chairman of the board’s interview in Standardization News magazine and a new video on the “Value of Standards” was completed featuring ASTM President James A. Thomas. ASTM’s YouTube channel remains popular, with more than 30,000 video views and counting.

ASTM 2012 Chairman Ken Yarosh on Interlaboratory Study Program from ASTM International.

Two New Online Journals

Two new online, peer-reviewed journals were launched in 2012. Advances in Civil Engineering Materials contains high quality papers on the properties and performance of materials such as concrete, asphalt, steel, polymers and wood for use in pavements, bridges and buildings, and other applications. Materials Performance and Characterization features papers on both the theoretical and practical aspects of the structure, processing, properties and performance of materials used in mechanical systems, transportation, aerospace, energy systems and medical devices.

Technical Training, e-Learning and Online Modules

ASTM International technical training provides classroom-based education courses on ASTM standards and related topics, while e-learning services offer a Web-based education environment, allowing the Society to provide internal, continuous and current member training. In 2012, there was a targeted focus on e-learning and the development of online training content. In addition, the complete modules from the 2012 Officers’ Training Workshop held at ASTM headquarters are available online.

Member Account Organization Made Easy

A helpful tool for members to keep organized and informed called “MyAccount” was added to the Members Only section of the ASTM International website. This new function offers a consolidated snapshot of a member’s profile such as name and address, login and password, and officer positions for all main committees and subcommittees. It also highlights recent committee activity like ballots returned, work items registered, new collaboration areas, ballot items submitted, roster updates, online meetings or conference calls scheduled.

“ASTM is doing a fantastic job using the latest technology effectively to enhance the standards development process.”

“ASTM continues to adapt to the changing world and its demands.”
“ASTM has been proactive in identifying and implementing Web-based tools to facilitate the standards development and approval process.”
“I am a university engineering professor. I believe that ASTM is very useful to me for continuing education and contacts with potential research sponsors.”