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Transportation & Infrastructure
ASTM International standards provide building blocks for transportation and its infrastructure, from the components of roads, bridges and runways to the parts of vehicles that travel on, over and under them. See below for the latest news on ASTM's activities in this area, and explore relevant standards, committee meeting dates and more in the boxes to the left.

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Infrastructure Improvements, One Hatch at a Time

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New ASTM Concrete Standard to Promote Consistent Roller Design

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Transition: New ASTM President Selected

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A Cleaner Energy Future

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ASTM and GAMA Sponsor Brussels Aviation Workshop

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Enhancing Shear Test Versatility

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ASTM Compass

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The Safety of the Floor Beneath Your Feet

Knowing that the floor beneath you is safe is something most of us take for granted. A proposed new ... READ MORE »

Know Your Outliers

Using a new ASTM International standard will make it easier to simultaneously identify multiple outl... READ MORE »

Like Watching Concrete Dry

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