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Science, Innovation, and Chemistry

An Interview with Thomas M. Connelly Jr.

The ACS leader talks about science becoming more multi-disciplinary, innovation and the role of standards, and the work of his organization.... more

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Geospatial Information and Standards

An Interview with Mark Reichardt

The intersection of location and standards can improve access and information use to benefit everyone.... more

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European SMEs and Standards

An Interview with Sebastiano Toffaletti

The benefits and challenges of standards and standards development for SMEs in Europe; an interview with Sebastiano Toffaletti, secretary-general of two SMEs... more

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Innovation for Growth

An Interview with Bruce Andrews

The Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation and more are all part of the U.S. Department of Commerce focus on growth opportunities. Deputy Secretary Andrews provides the U.S. government’s perspective.... more

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Approaching Materials Strategically

An Interview with Alexander H. King

Alex King of the Critical Materials Institute talks about the management of rare and critical resources.... more

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Safer Children's Products with Standards

An Interview with Rachel Weintraub

Working at the intersection of advocacy, standards and legislation, Rachel Weintraub, Consumer Federation of America, talks about improving the safety of children’s products.... more

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Building Safety Redefined

An Interview with Robert A. Ivy

Buildings today can meet societal and personal needs like never before, and standards are part of the picture. Robert A. Ivy, CEO of the American Institute of Architects, explains.... more

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Innovation in Infrastructure

An Interview with Anne Ellis

A director at AECOM, a global firm that builds, finances and operates diverse types of infrastructure, Anne Ellis, P.E., talks about her work in innovation and knowledge sharing, ... more

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Manufacturing: Poised for Growth

An Interview with Jay Timmons

Jay Timmons, chief executive of the National Association of Manufacturers, shares some insights.... more

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Leveraging Standards in the Energy Resurgence

An Interview with Fred Walas

Marathon Petroleum’s Fred Walas talks about today’s energy developments, sustainability at his company’s refineries and the crucial role of standards in fuel production and quality control.... more

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