Q&A Interviews

Q&A Interviews

Innovation in Infrastructure

An Interview with Anne Ellis

A director at AECOM, a global firm that builds, finances and operates diverse types of infrastructure, Anne Ellis, P.E., talks about her work in innovation and knowledge sharing, ... more

Q&A Interviews

Manufacturing: Poised for Growth

An Interview with Jay Timmons

Jay Timmons, chief executive of the National Association of Manufacturers, shares some insights.... more

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Leveraging Standards in the Energy Resurgence

An Interview with Fred Walas

Marathon Petroleum’s Fred Walas talks about today’s energy developments, sustainability at his company’s refineries and the crucial role of standards in fuel production and quality control.... more

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Strategic Standardization

An Interview with John Walter

SCC leader John Walter discusses the strategic value of standardization, his organization’s priorities and harmonizing Canadian and U.S. standards.... more

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Creating a New Generation of Aircraft and Pilots

An Interview with Gregory J. Bowles

An international trade association, GAMA represents more than 85 of the world’s leading manufacturers of general aviation aircraft, components and related services. GAMA’s director of European regulatory affairs and engineering, Gregory J. Bowles, talks about general aviation, advocacy and standards.... more

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Steel and Standards

An Interview with Robert Puccia

How does ArcelorMittal use standards in its materials production business?... more

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A Commitment to Standards

An Interview with Philip Piqueira

General Electric participates in standards development through its work on numerous committees and organizations. Philip Piqueira discusses why this business strategy and its continuance is crucial for GE.... more

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Standards in Public Policy and Education

An Interview with Donggeun Choi

Donggeun Choi, Ph.D., chief researcher at the Korean Standards Association, shares his perspective on standards development organizations and some of the issues and challenges they face today.... more

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Paradigms of Standards and Patents Systems

An Interview with Konstantinos Karachalios

Konstantinos Karachalios brings a global viewpoint to an 
interview about standards systems and patents from his years at the European Patent Office and, now, at the IEEE Standards Association.... more

Q&A Interviews

Building for Permanence

An Interview with Stephen T. Ayers

The Architect of the Capitol has embraced the principles of sustainable design in the ongoing planning, building, operations and maintenance of the facilities and grounds entrusted to our care. In our planning and preservation efforts, we consider alternate sources of energy production, improve energy and water efficiency, and use alternative and renewable forms of energy. These goals also help reduce operating costs.... more

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