Pan American Standards Commission Meetings in St. Lucia

Following the Pan American Standards Commission general assembly, James Olshefsky, director, external relations, ASTM International, met with the members of the CARICOM Regional Organization for Standards and Quality.

The Pan American Standards Commission (COPANT) held its annual general assembly on April 22-24 in St. Lucia. The COPANT general assembly provides members from throughout Latin America and the Caribbean with the opportunity to share information about local and regional efforts as well as to discuss current global topics such as sustainability and renewable energy.

In addition to general assembly meetings, the second day featured a workshop on "Sustainable Construction in Commercial Buildings through Building Codes and Standards," which was sponsored, in part, by ASTM International. Paul Shipp, Ph.D., P.E., principal research associate from USG Corp. and former ASTM board of directors member, presented the keynote speech on the importance of codes and standards to the building industry.

Following the COPANT meetings, James Olshefsky, director, external relations, ASTM International, met with the directors of several of the member states of the CARICOM Regional Organization for Standards and Quality (CROSQ), with whom ASTM signed a memorandum of understanding in 2010. The meeting provided an opportunity to discuss the application and use of ASTM International standards in the Caribbean for existing national memorandum of understanding partners and to invite other countries to consider an MOU with ASTM.

St. Lucia References ASTM International Tests in National Specification

The St. Lucia Bureau of Standards signed a memorandum of understanding with ASTM International in 2002. In December 2012, SLBS approved the replacement of several outdated test methods in their national standard for chlorine-containing bleaches with D2022, Test Methods of Sampling and Chemical Analysis of Chlorine-Containing Bleaches. D2022 is the responsibility of Subcommittee D12.12 on Analysis and Specification of Soaps, Synthetics, Detergents and Their Components, part of ASTM International Committee D12 on Soaps and Other Detergents.

Regarding the approval of D2022, SLBS noted, "standards users can rely on test methods that are internationally accepted and know that the results obtained are reliable." This success is among many that are reported each year as emerging economies utilize ASTM International standards to improve their national standards.

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