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Working Smart

The Smart Manufacturing Advisory Committee helps coordinate ASTM work in related industries.... more


Standards Spur 3D Printing

ASTM is spearheading an effort that will standardize requirements for the reliability and interoperability of additive manufacturing technologies.... more


Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Gets Smart

ASTM standards help drug manufacturers improve production processes.... more

Plain Talk

Creating Solutions

ASTM has created a Smart Manufacturing Advisory Committee.... more


A Smaller Footprint

A new ASTM International standard will help businesses and industries become more sustainable. ... more


Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing: Making Things Better, Faster, Cheaper and Greener with ASTM Standards.... more

First Person

Innovation for Growth

An Interview with Bruce Andrews

The Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation and more are all part of the U.S. Department of Commerce focus on growth opportunities. Deputy Secretary Andrews provides the U.S. government’s perspective.... more


Better Performance in 3D

Data captured by 3D imaging systems helps with the manufacturing of airplanes, cars, roads, bridges and digital terrain maps. ... more

In Focus

Standardized Standards

A new document framework being developed will improve publication methods and the use of standards.... more


Smarter Design

A proposed ASTM standard will provide design rules for the fast-growing field of additive manufacturing.... more

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