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Weathering the Weather

ASTM standards support building resilience, a structure's ability to withstand disasters. ... more


See how ASTM standards support building construction and safe buildings.... more


Silent Heroes

Fire safety standards, and especially the fire-resistant materials they cover, serve as invisible sentinels protecting life and property.... more

Standards and Competitiveness

Integrating Standards at All Levels

The amusement industry benefits from the establishment, innovation and continuous improvement of ASTM International standards.... more

Q&A Interviews

Building Safety Redefined

An Interview with Robert A. Ivy


Buildings today can meet societal and personal needs like never before, and standards are part of the picture. Robert A. Ivy, CEO of the American Institute of Architects, explains.... more

In Focus

Supporting the Construction Professional

ASTM collects standards for building and construction in useful compilations.... more

Standards Development How-to

Attract New Participants to Meetings

Some tips for drawing in new expertise for your ASTM standards development work.... more


New Paths for Automatic Guided Vehicles

A proposed ASTM standard on automatic guided vehicles will be useful to both manufacturers and purchasers of AGVs.... more


Standards Experts from Costa Rica and Indonesia to Train at ASTM

Representatives of the national standards bodies of Costa Rica and Indonesia will participate in ASTM's Standards Expert Program in June.... more


Barrios Becomes ASTM Latin American Representative

ASTM's new Latin American representative, Maria Isabel Barrios, brings a proven track record of partnering with ASTM and other standards development organizations.... more

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