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World Metrology Day

What is metrology? And how do ASTM standards measure up?... more


Managing Humans

A new ASTM committee will build consensus among stakeholders and provide guidance to practitioners of human resource management.... more


A 21st Century Trade Agreement

Twelve Countries' Shared Commitment to Eliminating Unnecessary Barriers to Trade... more

Standards and Competitiveness

One Standard Can Help Define Your Business

An ASTM standard was critical to the growth of an important market served by metal producer Applied Process.... more

Plain Talk

Game Changer

The publication of OMB A-119 transformed the U.S. standards system.... more


Otzi the Iceman

The story of Otzi the Iceman is a true tale of an ancient man being recreated by 21st century technology. ... more


Addressing Trade Barriers

An ASTM member reflects on ASTM and its international aspects.... more

First Person

Geospatial Information and Standards

The intersection of location and standards can improve access and information use to benefit everyone.... more


Managing Building Heat and Moisture

A new ASTM standard will allow engineers to effectively use hygrothermal models, a type of mathematical model that helps manage heat and moisture flow in buildings.... more

Standards Development How-to

ASTM's D.C. Office

Staff connects ASTM information and governments and organizations globally.... more

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