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Improving Laundry Packet Safety

A new ASTM standard details safety instructions for labeling and packaging individually-wrapped liquid detergent laundry packets.... more


Board Member Represents ASTM at Japan Standards Association Meeting

Board member Jun Sasaki represented ASTM at a meeting of the Japan Standards Association on October 6.... more


ASTM External Relations Director Speaks to Indonesian Delegation in Washington, D.C.

James Olshefsky, director, external relations, ASTM, discussed the adoption of ASTM standards in a new Indonesian plumbing code. ... more

Standards Development How-to

Your Leadership Connection

Leadership and standards setting go hand in hand.... more


Durably Catching Rays

A new ASTM standard will increase durability of solar energy equipment by screening out potential building materials that degrade quickly when exposed to ultraviolet radiation.... more


Brownfields Remediation Standards Highlighted at Chicago Workshop

Tim Haley, a member of ASTM Committee E50, described the approach of ASTM standards to brownfields remediation at a workshop in Chicago.... more


ASTM Member Address FICEM Technical Conference

ASTM member Dale Bentz of NIST addressed the FICEM Technical Congress on September 1 in Mexico City.... more


Global Policy Vice President Joins Discussion at U.S. Patent and Trade Office

ASTM's vice president of global policy and industry affairs participated in a discussion on intellectual property protection at the U.S. Patent and Trade Office of Policy and International Affairs.... more


Next Generation Nuclear Power

Ceramic matrix composites are suitable for nuclear power plants because they exhibit low thermal expansion, resist degradation from irradiation and retain mechanical properties at elevated temperatures under high pressure.... more


Plastics in the Sea

A new standard provides better understanding of plastic biodegradability in marine environments. ... more

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