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Making Playtime Safer

ASTM's committee on amusement devices is now revising its standard for air inflatable rides.... more


Making Way for Biodiesel

A new grade of biodiesel now included in ASTM's fuel oil standard will help meet growing consumer and regulatory demand for cleaner-burning, low-carbon fuels.... more


Catch a Wave

A proposed ASTM standard will provide a reference tool for the safe construction and operation of standing wave rides at water fun parks.... more


Simple Test for Gases in Water

A proposed ASTM standard will be used to ensure that drinking water is safe in areas where hydraulic fracturing is being conducted.... more


The Tale of the Tape Lift Samples

Laboratories that do testing for occupational health and indoor air quality testing will be the potential users of a proposed new ASTM standard for examining tape lift samples.... more


Aligned and Combined

A new standard consolidates information contained in six ASTM fastener standards.... more


Seeking Shipping Solutions

The ASTM committee on packaging invites participation in the revision of its standard for performance testing of shipping containers. ... more


Enhancing Your Role as a Standards Professional

You know your role in standards development is critical to your company. Here's how to communicate that with your firm's executives.... more


Making Additive Manufacturing Easier

A proposed new standard will lead to better three-dimensional prints being made from additive manufacturing processes.... more


Resisting Adhesive Creep

The new standard will be used to test the ability of an adhesive to resist creep under load, ensuring that the product will perform as expected over its lifespan.... more

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