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This topic looks at areas in the water industry that are not as clearly defined or are new, innovative consumer and industry uses or interests. For example, understanding the link between climate change and levels of water availability is still being calculated, standards on how to accurately assess and calculate the relationship between consumption and water use (the Water Footprint). In addition, understanding the importance of sensory evaluation of water and water related beverages, and how to develop standards to make the connection between energy exploration and its impact on the water quality and geography of a region.
New Standards

D5208-14 Standard Practice for Fluorescent Ultraviolet (UV) Exposure of Photodegradable Plastics

D1056-14 Standard Specification for Flexible Cellular Materials—Sponge or Expanded Rubber

D3748-14 Standard Practice for Evaluating High-Density Rigid Cellular Plastics

D4428/D4428M-14 Standard Test Methods for Crosshole Seismic Testing

D4659-14 Standard Test Methods for Polyurethane Raw Materials: Determination of Specific Gravity of Isocyanates

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Work Items

WK45725 Standard Terminology Relating to Plastic Piping Systems

WK40520 Modulus and Damping of Soils by Free-Free Resonant-Column Methods

WK45659 Standard Terminology for Abbreviated Terms Relating to Plastics

WK29802 plastics that are innately biodegradable in soil under aerobic conditions

WK45561 Standard Test Method for Resistance of Materials Used in Protective Clothing to Penetration by Liquids

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STP1570 Continuous Soil Gas Measurements: Worst Case Risk Parameters

STP1568 Mechanical Properties of Frozen Soils

STP1540 Testing and Specification of Recycled Materials for Sustainable Geotechnical Construction

STP1554 Contaminated Sediments: 5th Volume, Restoration of Aquatic Environment

STP1544 Performance of Protective Clothing and Equipment: 9th Volume, Emerging Issues and Technologies

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