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This topic explores the potential for water reuse activities through recapture and recycling of wastewaters. In addition, standards are needed to guide the development of efficiencies in equipment and devices, recapture mechanisms, and irrigation and drainage for agricultural, commercial, and private systems. Lastly, ways to supplement existing water supplies through desalination of sea water and electrodialysis methods to separate mixed waters through ion permeable membranes are technologies that will continue to grow in usage.
New Standards

F861-14a Standard Specification for Commercial Dishwashing Racks

F758-14 Standard Specification for Smooth-Wall Poly(Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) Plastic Underdrain Systems for Highway, Airport, and Similar Drainage

F1899-14a Standard Specification for Food Waste Pulper Without Waterpress Assembly

D3678-14 Standard Specification for Rigid Poly(Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) Interior-Profile Extrusions

F481-97(2014) Standard Practice for Installation of Thermoplastic Pipe and Corrugated Pipe in Septic Tank Leach Fields

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Work Items

WK48425 Standard Practice for Evaluating Solar Absorptive Materials for Thermal Applications

WK48426 Standard Practice for Laboratory Screening of Metallic Containment Materials for Use With Liquids in Solar Heating and Cooling Systems

WK48427 Standard Practices for Simulated Service Testing for Corrosion of Metallic Containment Materials for Use With Heat-Transfer Fluids in Solar Heating and Cooling Systems

WK48428 Standard Practice for Exposure of Cover Materials for Solar Collectors to Natural Weathering Under Conditions Simulating Operational Mode

WK48429 Standard Practice for Determining Resistance of Solar Collector Covers to Hail by Impact With Propelled Ice Balls

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STP1528 Plastic Pipe and Fittings: Past, Present, and Future

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