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This topic focuses on the need for appropriate use of material and installation technology for water extraction and transport infrastructure. It covers such broad subtopics as drinking water supply systems, domestic wastewater management systems, and wet weather runoff control and management systems. In addition, this area explores how to improve or increase the capacity of infrastructure in both high and low economic conditions.
New Standards

F1473-16 Standard Test Method for Notch Tensile Test to Measure the Resistance to Slow Crack Growth of Polyethylene Pipes and Resins

E2843-16a Standard Specification for Demonstrating That a Building is in Walkable Proximity to Neighborhood Assets

F1216-16 Standard Practice for Rehabilitation of Existing Pipelines and Conduits by the Inversion and Curing of a Resin-Impregnated Tube

F1901-16 Standard Specification for Polyethylene (PE) Pipe and Fittings for Roof Drain Systems

F2418-16a Standard Specification for Polypropylene (PP) Corrugated Wall Stormwater Collection Chambers

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Work Items

WK55750 Installation of Molded Hydrophilic Gaskets (MHG) for Long Term Watertightness for Cured-in-Place Rehabilitation of Main and Lateral Pipelines

WK55734 Standard Test Method for Time-to-Failure of Plastic Piping Systems and Components Under Constant Internal Pressure With Flow

WK55729 Standard Specification for Reinforced Epoxy Resin Gas Pressure Pipe and Fittings

WK53568 Performance Based Manufacture of Reinforced Concrete Culvert, Storm Drain, and Sewer Pipe

WK55690 Standard Test Method for Sealability of Sheet, Composite, and Solid Form-in-Place Gasket Materials

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JTE15V43N2 Innovative and Sustainable Technologies and Materials in Civil Engineering Infrastructures

STP1528 Plastic Pipe and Fittings: Past, Present, and Future

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